23 August 2008

War Made Easy (~70 min. video), or, Why so many Americans continue to think the US can help people by bombing them.

Description from Google Video: War Made Easy reaches into the Orwellian memory hole to expose a 50-year pattern of government deception and media spin that has dragged the United States into one war after another from Vietnam to Iraq. Narrated by actor and activist Sean Penn, the film exhumes remarkable archival footage of official distortion and exaggeration from LBJ to George W. Bush, revealing in stunning detail how the American news media have uncritically disseminated the pro-war messages of successive presidential administrations.

War Made Easy:

Documentary Film (70 min.) by the Media Education Foundation. According to their website, "The Media Education Foundation produces and distributes documentary films and other educational resources to inspire critical reflection on the social, political and cultural impact of American mass media." Their Board of Advisors includes: Noam Chomsky, Jeff Cohen, Susan Douglas, Michael Eric Dyson, Susan Faludi, Henry Giroux, Stuart Hall, bell hooks, Jackson Katz, Jean Kilbourne, Naomi Klein, Pepi Leistyna, Robert W. McChesney, Jack Shaheen, Juliet Schor, Normon Solomon, John Stauber, Ellen Wartella, Cornel West and John Edgar Wideman.

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