05 August 2008

The Association of American Free Trade Agreements (AAFTA)...even BIGGER than the North American Union (NAU) - as reported by Lou Dobbs

This a straight-forward assault by the elitists in this country..." - Lou Dobbs

This is a short clip from a recent Lou Dobb's show in which he dicusses a new elite business brain-child in the forming, the Association of American Free Trade Agreements (AAFTA). As if the North American Union (NAU) to be, The Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) of and between Canada, Mexico and the United States, weren't grand in scale enough, this proposal covers both the South and North American continents from the tip of Argentina up to the northernmost provinces of Canada.

~3 min. clip from recent Lou Dobb show (YouTube video: Bush Has Succeeded in Setting Up His "New World Order"):

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  1. http://news.findlaw.com/wash/s/20070110/20070108125601.html
    The Inter-American Development Bank, a leader in connecting aid and trade, might help with grants and loans to strengthen small business, the economic empowerment of indigenous communities and education -- all connected to open societies in a global economy.

    Who will pay for these things. This is not the way you cannot uproot people from their homes this leads to isolation, united a family unit can at least survive divided the unit will decay. The perfect worker is one who has no family ties near him he will be obedient and work long hours for little to nothing. Is this the goal to eventually separate family units so they are better workers? Why fear this you do still have your skills and creative minds. If you don't like something then the communities could get together and start their own little enterprises, why purchase food and goods that are dangerous and unhealthy, is this not how they got their foot in the door.