19 August 2008

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Pure Washington:

Pelosi Clashes With Protesters Over Impeachment (PubRecord.org)
...Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's appearance Monday at a West Los Angeles college to discuss her recently published book was marred by dozens of protestors and several angry outbursts by audience members who demanded Pelosi immediately authorize a House committee to hold impeachment hearings against President George W. Bush. The Speaker made it clear she would not support any effort to hold impeachment hearings against President Bush saying that the president 'will be gone in a hundred days.'

Pro-impeachment group sues over 'Free Speech Zones' at Republican convention (RawStory.com)
...Impeach for Peace, a Minnesota-based group which plans to demonstrate at the upcoming Republican National Convention at St. Paul's Xcel Energy Center, has sued for space to demonstrate within sight and hearing of convention attendees. Backed by the ACLU, the group calls the designated spaces to demonstrate "inadequate and unacceptably small," and too far from the venue to allow for free speech to be effectively executed. The City Council and police also denied Impeach for Peace their due process, such as a window for public comment and public hearing, by not giving notice of the restrictions to be placed on demonstrators, the suit alleges. In addition, the city has reserved the right to change its guidelines at any time in ways that the ACLU contends violates the Minnesota State Constitution.

Now It’s The Post Covering Up John McCain’s Mob Connections (AmericanFreePress.net - USA)
...IF YOU STILL DOUBT that the big media is determined to keep under wraps the organized crime origins of the $200 million fortune of John McCain and his wife Cindy, take note of how the prestigious Washington Post touched on the issue in its July 22 edition. Rather, instead, note how the Post covered up the matter. The Post reported: Cindy Lou Hensley grew up as an only child, and a privileged one, in a large rancher in an upper-class section of Phoenix. Her dad, Jim Hensley, founded what became a large Anheuser-Busch distributorship, and her mom, Marguerite, was a proper belle who emphasized impeccable manners. The Post also added, almost discretely, that Mrs. McCain’s wealth “may” exceed $100 million (although most sources estimate it is worth $200 million or more) and—for the record—that "she was the apple of her father’s eye."

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