07 August 2008

Alt/news Daily Headlines & Propaganda 20080807 human beings are free THURSDAY Special CNN Wire Re-Wired!

Today's News & Propaganda Special: CNN WIRE RE-WIRED! All the below links are to CNNWire.com. Their stories, my headlines. Sometimes it helps to simply read the news in a different order than they put it out (and with the different headlines!). There is some truth buried in the major press, but you have to dig and filter constantly. It really is insane. More daily news headlines from some very different sources coming up later in the evening...

War and Warmongering
White House: Iran could face ‘punitive’ measures (CNNwire.com)
IAEA official to Iran for talks (CNNwire.com)
Iran response unacceptable, 2 senior U.S. officials say (CNNwire.com)
France denounces accusations of involvement in Rwandan genocide (CNNwire.com)

The rise of the Final US Depression
Freddie Mac reports bigger than expected loss (CNNwire.com)
Treasury Dept. taps Morgan Stanley for Freddie, Fannie advice (CNNwire.com) <-- can we say "conflict of interest"?
Auditors view Iraq oil windfall (CNNwire.com)

Diplomacy and Stonewalling
Pakistani president to go to China (CNNwire.com)
No election law yet in Iraq (CNNwire.com)

Terror in the Courts
Bin Laden’s former driver guilty in terror trial (CNNwire.com)
3 women held in bomb plots (CNNwire.com)
Gotti, 5 others indicted on racketeering, murder conspiracy charges (CNNwire.com)

Pure, pointless Destruction
Report on threats to primates (CNNwire.com)

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