29 August 2008

VIDEO Alex Jones 9/11 Truth on MSNBC Hardball @ Denver DNC

Great video of Truth in Action. It would be nice if the truth-seekers of the world could just ignore the liars in the major news media, but the fact is that most people in this land get all their "news" from those liars, and we will continue to live in the land of the silent as long as we allow their lies to go unanswered. And for those major media newswatchers who are still clueless to the fact that the attacks of 9/11 were an inside job, perhaps they'll wake up a little (and go hop on Alex Jone's InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com) if they see masses of beings yelling the truth in the background of their otherwise empty news. Letting lies about events such as 9/11 continue to pervade the media is exactly the behavior that has allowed us to be led to our current state of nuclear threat in the world. This video is a great study in contrast between the truly mindless talking heads, and free beings seeking the truth.

Alex Jones 9/11 Truth on MSNBC Hardball @ Denver DNC:

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