10 August 2008

Alt/news Daily Headlines & Propaganda 20080810 human beings are free SUNDAY

The Pointless Debate
Candidates for Sale: What do Obama and McCain have in common? The same big donors, who will expect to have their way no matter who wins (RollingStone.com)

The rise of the Final US, and maybe World, Depression
Canadian dollar floundering during crisis (UPI.com)
Gov't financial moves called unprecedented (UPI.com)
Japanese bankruptcies on the rise (UPI.com)
The value of collectables is soaring, especially as an investment hedge against inflation (UPI.com)
Northwest writes off $213 million purchase (UPI.com)
Credit Card Industry Faces Reforms: Congress, Federal Reserve Propose Tighter Rules to Protect Consumers (WashingtonPost.com)
Apathy, rising prices prevalent in Cuba, but rebellion is scarce: Raul Castro's supporters tout island's stability (AP.google.com)

War, more war, and as always, War Propaganda
China reports bombing in Uighur area (UPI.com)
Myanmar protest ends in arrests (UPI.com)
Dogs of War: Blackwater to the rescue in Darfur? (UPI.com)
Georgia: In 'state of war' over South Ossetia (AP.google.com)
African Union suspends Mauritania following coup (AFP.google.com)
Musharraf plans impeachment defense (UPI.com)
Iranian official says new sanctions will only hurt Europe (Ynetnews.com - Israel News) - "Chairman of Tehran parliament's national security and foreign relations committee defines decision to tighten restrictions on Islamic republic due to its nuclear program as a 'reckless and inconceivable move.'"

Individual Liberty continues to dwindle towards nothingness...
Destroying the Constitution: FISA warrantless wiretapping Bill (HR 6304) & the NWO Sells-outs Who Voted it in (Educate-Yourself.org) - Editor's Notes: "All 435 members of the House of Representatives are up for re-election in November 2008. If you harbor any hope of seeing your children live under the same constitutional republic into which you were born, you had better make it your business to vote out of office any House member or US Senator (of the 34 up for re-election in 2008) who voted in favor of this bill. The names are listed below by state..." (Detailed resources.)

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