29 August 2008

ARTICLE Obama and McCain are telling us they will just go for BIGGER wars... BELIEVE THEM! NO to Obama! NO to McCain!

NO Obama! NO McCain! Seriously, folks... they are both promising to put more blood on our hands. They are both war mongers. Obama's selection of Biden is just one more clear example (please read below)... The two parties are simply playing the farce, desperately trying to make everything appear OK, just for another moment. They are just putting on a play, a movie if you will, that makes the American people believe they still have their liberties. Don't believe it. Escape the two-party paradigm. And whatever you do, stop worrying about who to vote for for president--it really DOES NOT MATTER... Direct action, free beings being free, is the only possible answer.

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Joe Biden: Russia, China, India: "The Real War"
Obama's running mate presents the strategic plan for the next administration

Global Research, August 28, 2008
by Umberto Pascali

On Aug 27 2008 at the Democratic Convention in Denver, Vice-presidential candidate Sen. Joseph Biden presented the plan for the real war, the war against China, Russia. He repeated the key points pushed by Zbigniew Brzezinski in his obsessive determination to go to the final clash with Russia and Asia.

For Biden, The greatest mistake of the Bush administration was its failure "to face the biggest forces shaping this century. The emergence of Russia, China and India's great powers".

What was the "consequence of this neglect"? "Russia challenging… Georgia's freedom." The Obama-Biden administration will repair those criminal mistakes... Barack and I will end that neglect. We will hold Russia accountable."

The wars of the Bush administration were, so to speak the wrong ones.

The new administration will unchain the real war. The war to confront the emergence of Russia, China, India.

The war, the real war will have to be waged in Afghanistan/Pakistan - exactly the area where it will be more disruptive for the feared Russia, China India challenge.

The previous administration was not warmonger enough, according to Biden. The new Democratic administration will increase the number of troops sent in central Asia.

Then "the real war" against America's enemies will start. "al-Qaida and the Taliban - the people who have actually attacked us on 9/11 - they've regrouped in the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan and are plotting new attacks..."

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