30 September 2008

VIDEO Were 5,000 prisoners shot in the head in the wake of Hurricane Katrina? Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney reveals...

Were 5,000 prisoners shot in the head in the wake of Hurricane Katrina? Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney reveals that the mother of a man hired to process the bodies shared this story with her, and that she had confirmed it with Red Cross sources (who chose not to identify themselves).

Cynthia McKinney REVEALS
5,000 EXECUTED (~2 min.):

Whatever the circumstances... this is a major concern, but this concern is magnified by the incredibly high (and rising) prison population in the US. Graphs below are from Wikipedia entry Incarceration in the United States. Click on each graph to view larger version:

Meanwhile, Congress Approves $600 billion-plus For "Defense" (i.e. Offensive Military) and Approves Off-Shore Oil Drilling Scheme

All eyes on the "bailout bill," Bush just signed a spending bill that dedicates more than $600 billion to "defense" (i.e. offensive military) spending. They also approved the off-shore oil drilling that made headlines in August (but was utterly ignored this week), and $25 billion to subsidize automakers.

ARTICLE: Bush signs sprawling spending bill
Highpoints of the Article: President Bush on Tuesday signed a sprawling, stopgap spending bill to keep the government running for the next 12 months. The president's move, which came on the last day of the government's budget year... The $630 billion-plus spending bill wraps together a record Pentagon budget with aid for automakers and natural disaster victims [emphasis added]... The measure also lifts a quarter-century ban on oil drilling off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, a victory for Bush and fellow Republicans... The measure is dominated by $488 billion for the Pentagon, $40 billion for the Homeland Security Department and $73 billion for veterans' programs and military base construction projects... Automakers gained $25 billion in taxpayer-subsidized loans.
Read Full Article:

VIDEO "There are no necessary evils in government. The Treasury to you, gentlemen, is closed." KEEP CONTACTING YOUR REPRESENTATIVES: Write and Call!

"There are no necessary evils in government. The Treasury to you, gentlemen, is closed." ~ Congressman Thaddeus McCotter, Republican, Michigan

Excellent floor speech putting the "bailout bill" into a historical perspective.

McCotter Floor Speech Opposing Bailout Legislation (~3 min.):

Write, Call, Fax, Email... don't stop!

29 September 2008

NEWS Daily Headlines & Propaganda 20080929 human beings are free MONDAY Evening Edition, The World Is Changing... FAST.

Daily Headlines & Propaganda from HumanBeingsAreFree
Monday, 29 September 2008 see All News
Evening Edition, The World Is Changing... FAST.

VIDEO Out of Control Fraud

Merkel's battered conservatives mull Bavarian disaster

German Towns Saying 'Nein' to Google 'Street View'

Israel should quit most occupied land: Olmert

Did US send military aid to Georgia?

VIDEO Iraq Deformities: July 2008 Cases of deformities in children are escalating at an alarming rate in Fallujah.

Iraq: Sunday: At least 51 Iraqis Killed in another bloody day of US occupation

House Rejects $700 Billion Rescue Plan

Europe Sees Three Bank Bailouts in Two Days

Central Bank to give $50 bln to bolster Russia's financial system

Dollar Falling image is from MaxKeiser.com

28 September 2008

Congress is Standing Up! C-SPAN VIDEO COLLECTION Keep telling them, "Absolutely No Bailout!" Pretty Unbelievable, but a Refreshing Change!

Congress is Standing Up! Pretty Unbelievable, but a Refreshing Change! THANK YOU.

Let's keep telling them, "Absolutely No Bailout!"

Thank you Representatives Burgess, Kaptur, Kucinich, McDermott, DeFazio, RON PAUL (of course), and more!

Here's the Video Collection of Congressmen Speaking Out!:

We Are Under Martial Law! As Declared By The Speaker Last Night! Rep Burgess:

Sounds Like Insider Trading To Me! Rep Kaptur:

Is this the U.S. Congress or the Board of Directors at Goldman Sachs! Dennis Kucinich:

And This Is The System We're Saving! Dennis Kucinich:

There is Something EVERY American Should Remember! McDermott:

Just to be honest and totally forthcoming here, I must admist it has distressed me a in profound way that the American people have not stood up (called in, that is) en masse until just now, when they finally understood that their pocketbooks are in danger; that they did not stand up and tell their congress to stop authorizing money for wars and killing, and to not cease giving in to the abolition of our civil rights and reduction of their own representative power... BUT, in any event, I'm glad many Americans are doing it now. And that's my last word on that. Not more bitching from me. Let's do this! Everyone! Let's keep the message up. Loud and Clear. But to be pragmatic... just hit them where it hurts them...

Tell them that they immediately WILL be out of power if they keep this up.

More videos...

King Henry Deposed King George! Rep McDermott:

Rep. DeFazio: Concerned About The Bailout? Call 202/224-3121:

Thank you C-SPAN Junkie.

Find Out What Your Government Is Up To! DOCUMENTARY Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire. Among the Best. Watch & Share!

Documentary: Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire
By: Media Education Foundation - MediaEd.org

Description from
Google Video: "Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire examines how a radical fringe of the Republican Party used the trauma of the 9/11 terror attacks to advance a pre-existing agenda to radically transform American foreign policy while rolling back civil liberties and social programs at home. The documentary places the Bush Administration's false justifications for war in Iraq within the larger context of a two-decade struggle by neoconservatives to dramatically increase military spending in the wake of the Cold War, and to expand American power globally by means of military force."

9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire (~71 min.):

Information Is Power.
Find Out What Your Government Is Up To!
This Documentary Is Among the Best--Excellent.
Watch and Share!

Description from MediaEd.org: "The 9/11 terror attacks continue to send shock waves through the American political system. Continuing fears about American vulnerability alternate with images of American military prowess and patriotic bravado in a transformed media landscape charged with emotion and starved for information. The result is that we have had little detailed debate about the radical turn US policy has taken since 9/11. Hijacking Catastrophe places the Bush Administration's original justifications for war in Iraq within the larger context of a two-decade struggle by neo-conservatives to dramatically increase military spending while projecting American power and influence globally by means of force. At the same time, the documentary argues that the Bush Administration has sold this radical and controversial plan for aggressive American military intervention by deliberately manipulating intelligence, political imagery, and the fears of the American people after 9/11. This update of the critically acclaimed documentary features the theatrical version of the film, along with ten new post-election interviews with prominent political observers on topics ranging from the 2004 presidential campaign to the Democratic Party's struggle to define itself in a time of war. Narrated by Julian Bond, Hijacking Catastrophe features interviews with more than twenty prominent political observers, including Pentagon whistleblower Lt. Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski, who witnessed first-hand how the Bush Administration set up a sophisticated propaganda operation to link the anxieties generated by 9/11 to a pre-existing foreign policy agenda that included a preemptive war on Iraq. Joining Kwiatkowski in a wide-ranging, accessible, and ultimately empowering analysis of American foreign policy, media manipulation, and their global and domestic implications, are former Chief UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter, former Pentagon analyst Daniel Ellsberg, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Jody Williams, author Norman Mailer, MIT professor Noam Chomsky, Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin, defense policy analyst William Hartung, author Chalmers Johnson, and Army Special Forces Master Sergeant Stan Goff (Ret.). At its core, the film places the deceptions of the Bush Administration within the larger frame of questions seldom posed in the mainstream: What, exactly, is the agenda that drove the administration's pre-war deceptions? How is 9/11 being used to sell this agenda? And what are the stakes for America, Americans, and the world if this agenda succeeds...? Sections: Intro | Blueprint for Empire | Hijacking Fear | "Things Related and Not" From 9/11 to Baghdad | Empire | Sorrows of Empire | "Bring it On" | Politics of Hope."

"The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country." ~ Hermann Göring

STOP THE BAILOUT! A good video synopsis. / ALSO VIDEO, Want to know more about what's going on? MISES.ORG Reader

Description from Google Video: Is it coming? If it happens, it will be because of what Congress DOES, not what it does NOT. WARNING: Buried in the draft revisions on The Banking Committee's web site is an obscure change to another law that allows The Fed to set bank reserves to ZERO! If this is done it gives banks infinite leverage and WILL ultimately result in the failure of our banking system.

are responsible for the credit lockup."



| digg story

The Bailout Reader

Daily Article by | Posted on 9/26/2008

The events taking place in the financial market offer an illustration of the soundness of the Austrian theory of money, banking, and credit cycles, and Mises.org is your source not only for analysis of these events but also the economic theory that helps explain what is happening and what to do about it. There are many thousands of articles available, and also the full text of thousands of books as well as journal articles. It is impossible to draw attention to the full range of literature one can use to understand the crisis.

However, below we offer a brief look into the topics most discussed in these times, with extended treatments of each in the sidebar. Mises.org also offers both a blog and a community forum for reading and discussing them all.

It's never been more important to spread a sound view of money and banking, not only as a protection against the fallacies of "stabilization" and "reflation" but also as way to see what kind of reforms are essential now.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

The Housing Bubble

Inflationary Finance

Community Reinvestment Act

Short Selling

The Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle

Who Predicted This?

What To Do

Books to Distribute

25 September 2008

NEWS Daily Headlines & Propaganda 20080925 human beings are free THURSDAY Afternoon Edition, Iran, Pakistan, Venezuela, Russia

Daily Headlines & Propaganda from HumanBeingsAreFree
Thursday, 25 September 2008 see All News
Afternoon Edition, Iran, Pakistan, Venezuela, Russia and other Subjects of Earnest Interest

Iran slams West's 'hidden agenda'

EU warns Iran close to nuclear arms capacity

First Russian humanitarian aid arrives in Gaza

Palestine: From bad to wretched

Forbes publishes list of 400 wealthiest Americans

Russia boycotts UN meeting on Iran as American empire nears its collapse

Pakistan Won't Tolerate Sovereignty Violations, PM Says


Officials: U.S. Drone Shot Down

U.S. blocks NATO's activities - Russian envoy

U.S. says Pakistan shot at U.S. copters in Afghanistan

China banks told to halt lending to US banks-SCMP

Venezuela Expels Human Rights Watch Director for "Meddling Illegally"

'Grim' Afghanistan Report To Be Kept Secret by US


US told it must hold talks with Taliban's Mullah Omar

US suspends consular services in Pakistan: official

Russia to loan Chavez $1BLN to buy arms - source

Brussels must veto Georgia NATO bid - Belgian MPs

Russia should reactivate nuclear icebreaker fleet - PM Putin


Bin Laden´s Son Says Videos Are Fakes Of His Father

Peres: U.S. has no choice but to save world from Ahmadinejad

Europe and Japan turn cold shoulder to U.S. plea for bank bailouts

How Syria's Assad Is Steering His Country out of Isolation

24 September 2008

NEWS Daily Headlines & Propaganda 20080924 human beings are free WEDNESDAY Afternoon Edition, Houses of Cards Tumble, Will the Wars End?

Daily Headlines & Propaganda from HumanBeingsAreFree
Wednesday, 24 September 2008 see All News
Afternoon Edition, The House of Cards are Tumbling, Will the Wars End?

VIDEO Afshin Rattansi & Max Keiser on Goldman Sachs & Toilet Paper

Deceitful Transfer Of Bank Assets To Buyer Without Recourse

Let the House of Cards Tumble!

VIDEO Ahmadinejad on CNN w/ Larry King + His U.N. Speech

Iran, Pakistan to raise funds for IPI gas pipeline

USA: Government should re-issue visa for Pakistani human rights defender

Outcry swells over Pakistan's secret prisons 11/28/2007

Crashed 'drone' in Pakistan not from US: Pentagon

Peace in Iraq is an Option

U.S. navy tanker under apparent pirate attack off Somalia

NATO accused of sheltering Afghan heroin trade

Top ten of world's most useful beverages

Predictions vs. Reality in Iraq

Russia sees no need for urgent measures against Iran - FM Lavrov

Ukraine condemns Russia's 'annexation' of Georgia regions

UN court jails Rwandan lawyer for genocide

NEWS Daily Headlines & Propaganda 20080924 human beings are free WEDNESDAY Noon Edition, WAR & LIES (and other Headlines)

Daily Headlines & Propaganda from HumanBeingsAreFree
Wednesday, 24 September 2008 (see All News)
Noon Edition, WAR & LIES (and other Headlines)

CEO murdered by mob of sacked Indian workers

THE LIE OF THE CENTURY: The lies that started the Spanish American War, World War 2, the Vietnam War, and the Iraq War


From King David Hotel in Palestine to Marriott Hotel in Pakistan

Israeli Human Rights Abuses...


Veterans Occupy National Archives Building


No, You're Not Crazy

EPA against limiting rocket fuel ingredient in water

John le Carré: Britons have been 'stripped' of civil liberties

Threat to Democracy in Latin America

US drone 'shot down' in SWAT

Bush's words mean nothing as Obama is hawkish on Pakistan


23 September 2008

NEWS Daily Headlines & Propaganda 20080923 human beings are free TUESDAY Late Evening Edition, More IMPORTANT Headlines from around the World

Daily Headlines & Propaganda from HumanBeingsAreFree
Tuesday, 23 September 2008 (see All News)
Late Evening Edition, More IMPORTANT Headlines from around the World

Pak rejects US help in bombing probe

US spy plane shot down in Pakistan

Pakistani news says U.S. drone crashes, U.S. denies

Only Pak troops to fight terrorists on own soil: Zardari

Robert Gates: Invade Pakistan! (NO!)

Pakistan probes mystery of US Marines' steel boxes in Marriott

Minister Rambukwella says Pakistan's massive Marriot Hotel bomb has been copied from LTTE

Why a World Food Crisis?

Russia in talks with Cuba, Venezuela on joint use of Glonass satellites

Zuma urges SA not to panic

Back from the dead, Tokyo banks buy into Wall Street

The 50 Richest Members of Congress

'The World Shouldn't Have to Bear the Burden for America's Lapses'

Is the US Waging Israel's Wars?

Ahmadinejad says U.S. cause of main global problems

No lull in ME peace talks

Archaeological studies in Iran's southern Susa Plain have revealed that the region was a human habitat during the Paleolithic Age

NEWS Daily Headlines & Propaganda 20080923 human beings are free TUESDAY Evening Edition, IMPORTANT Headlines from around the World

Daily Headlines & Propaganda from HumanBeingsAreFree
Tuesday, 23 September 2008 (see All News)
Evening Edition, IMPORTANT Headlines from around the World

Iran: World states must assist Africa

U.S. funds sent from Iraq to al-Qaeda - source

General Assembly President calls for solidarity to defeat culture of selfishness


Bolivia: Indigenous Government Defies US-backed Fascists

The Latest False Prospectus From Paulson's Treasury

TELL CONGRESS TO SAY "NO!" TO PAULSON: Some notes on the World Bank and the Insane Power Grab being made by Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke...

What is the World Bank? What is its stated aim, and is that what it is really up to? In this episode of People & Power Max Keiser gives his answers to those very questions. The World Bank was formed in 1945 at the end of World War II. 185 countries are members (184 were members when this video was made), and its stated aim is poverty reduction, or even a world free of poverty. Max makes the case in this short video that the World Bank is in fact not working towards global poverty reduction, but rather a world full of poverty, and that many of the largest corporations in the world are "banking on it."

The World Bank does, in fact, loan money to "developing" nations at below-market interests. However, those loans come with conditions and costs that far outweigh the benefits provided by the low interest rates. In general, one of the conditions to World Bank loans is the requirement of so-called "technical assistance," which is exceedingly overpriced and always to be provided by a "cousin" (i.e. crony) of World Bank leadership. The World Bank loans have even caused wars and dire, mass poverty, such as in the case of Liberia, whose World Bank loan went to fund a military dictatorship which led to 14 years of war and 200,000 dead, as stated by a Liberian interviewee in this video. And now that Liberia has held free elections, they still have to pay that money back which, in turn, prevents them from fulfilling basic needs such as infrastructure and assistance to the farmers of the war-torn nation. In essence, World Bank loan recipients become indentured servants.

A few more "fun facts": The World Bank's most powerful members are the U.S.A., Japan and Germany. The U.S.A. controls 16.4% of the vote and can therefore block any major resolution that it wants to. Also, the U.S. President always nominates World Bank President. Paul Wolfwitz was World Bank President 2005-2007.

Here's the video, but please do keep reading below...

People & Power - Banking on it - 09 May 07 - Part 1 (~9 min.):

Direct Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59lOjYwkB40

The current World Bank President (this information is not in the video) is Robert B. Zoellick. Prior to joining the Bank, Zoellick served as Vice Chairman, International of the Goldman Sachs Group, and Chairman of Goldman Sachs' Board of International Advisors 2006-2007. I think it is VERY important to note that Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson, the man who is now essentially telling the US Congress that they must give him dictatorial powers over the American economy, was formerly the Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs. And now, among the Wall Street investment bank giants, Goldman Sachs is now one of the two left standing. Coincidences? No way! Cronyism and Insane Dictatorial Power Grab? Absolutely.

The U.S. Congress, the beleaguered power that they are, does have the power to say "no" to this, but it looks like they actually may pass it! The proposed bill, which is so short (849 words!) anyone can read it and readily understand that constitutes financial dictatorship, is being argued for as I write now. If you do anything today to try to stop this nation's downfall, please tell your Congressmen and tell everyone you know to tell their Congressmen that this bill is UTTERLY UNACCEPTABLE. It is the equivalent of the Patriot Act for finance, and it is one of the final steps in the shredding of our Constitution.

Say NO now... it is getting very late in the game, and fast.

Here you can read the text of the LEGISLATIVE PROPOSAL FOR TREASURY AUTHORITY TO PURCHASE MORTGAGE-RELATED ASSETS, along with a bit of helpful commentary:


You may ask, "Won't the economy collapse if the Congress does not take this step?" Of course it will! It's going to one way or another. The U.S. Dollar has been completely devalued already. The question is, do we make it much, much harder on ourselves by extending the imminent Depression into the far reaching future (by bailing out rich speculators), or do we deal with things as we must now, with our remaining liberties and sovereignty in tact? Here's a bit from Ron Paul about the matter:

Late Edition With Wolf Blitzer Guest Ron Paul (~7 min.):

Direct Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2DK3gytzBk

22 September 2008

NEWS Daily Headlines & Propaganda 20080922 human beings are free MONDAY Evening Edition, False Flag Op In Pakistan? & Other News of the Day

Daily Headlines & Propaganda from HumanBeingsAreFree
Monday, 22 September 2008 see All News
Evening Edition, False Flag Op In Pakistan? & Other News of the Day

PAKISTAN Regarding the Islamabad Marriott

A message from the HumanBeingsAreFree research team: The false flag operation of 9/11/2001 bears such a resemblence to Saturday's Marriott Islamabad bombing. On 9/18/2008 Joshua Kucera wrote on Eurasianet that the U.S. Congress is questioning money being appropriated to the Pakistan military to upgrade US-supplied F-16 fighter jets because "the improvements are aimed more at making the jets capable of fighting India rather than the Taliban and al Qaeda." Now, since that attack, those who believe the Taliban or al Qaeda are responsible will likely also have the impression that the jet upgrades are indeed for the war on terror, not for India. Also the people of Pakistan were getting quite upset recently because of the U.S. incursions into Pakistan tribal areas. Sunday the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Yousuf Raza Gilani, not only said that he would seek assistance from the FBI if the need arose, but also seemed to already know the bomber's intent was to hit the Pakistan Parliament and the Prime Minister's house. Terrorism and al Qaeda are being blamed and I personally find this too familiar a story not to think that the U.S. government was involved. I can only hope that this is not so, but part of learning from the past is to remember it.

PAKISTAN Headlines & Propaganda

Govt will seek FBI help if needed, says Gilani

US Congress Questions Military Aid to Pakistan, Saying It Won't Help Fight Afghan Militants

Why Would “Terrorists” Want To Decapitate Anti-US Leadership In Pakistan?

Marriott Marines mystery


Pakistan's Balkanization

Intruding US choppers fired at in NWA

OTHER Headlines & Propaganda of the Day

Propaganda is a Two-Way Street: Iran, Israel and the Looming Threat of War


Using "Climate Change" as a Pretext to Appropriate World Seeds' Treasure

The Last Roundup: Is the government compiling a secret list of citizens to detain under martial law?

Rabbis hail Ahmadinejad's NY visit

South Africa names new President

White House warns Iran on nuclear inaction

Some 820,000 Texans still without power

Little-known Islamic group claims Pakistan attack

Russia's envoy mocks NATO rapid-response force plans

McCain and the POW Cover-up

London Protesters Demand an End to US Coups

Latin America: "Don’t Mess With Us"

German-US Tensions Grow Over Baltic Pipeline

UNDERSTAND the Financial Crisis in Seven Minutes. Don't Accept The Lies. You Deserve To Know WHAT IS COMING...

Crash News

Press TV interview with Max Keiser:

Fellow Americans, it looks like it is now time to pay for our indulgences. But our government has gone insane and making it much, much worse for us. Will we wake up and do anything?

Dollar Falling image is from MaxKeiser.com

21 September 2008

NEWS Daily Headlines & Propaganda 20080921 human beings are free SUNDAY Evening Edition, Part II, PAKISTAN What Really Happened at Islamabad Marriott?

Daily Headlines & Propaganda from HumanBeingsAreFree
Sunday, 21 September 2008 (see All News)
Evening Edition, Part II, PAKISTAN What Really Happened at the Marriott in Islamabad?

The Official Story and Alternative Stories
I encourage you to read through and see the conflicts in the stories and ask yourself, "What is really going on here?"

The Official "Nuts & Bolts" of the Story
"Here is what happened: 1) Suicide bomber rammed an explosives-laden truck into the main gate of Marriott Hotel around 8pm, 2) The explosion left a 25-foot deep and 30-foot wide crater, 3) Entire area turned to rubble, 4) Gas pipeline burst keeping the hotel building ablaze for hours, 5) Buildings within a 3-km radius were damaged, including Frontier House and PTV building, 5) Powerful explosion heard as far as 30 kilometres away."
Read full article:

'Pakistan's 9/11' kills 60, injures 200; Nation mourns; Terrorists hit back hours after Zardari's warning
Read full article:

Another Terrorist Attack in Pakistan by U.S and India
Read full article:

Pakistani Taliban suspected in Marriott Hotel blast
Read full article:

What Was Mysterious Activity Going on in the Marriott Hotel Islamabad by United States Marines?
Read full article:

Who was behind the Marriott blast?
Read full article:

Al-Qaeda And The Marriott
Read full article:

Pictures for your examination (click to enlarge):

NEWS Daily Headlines & Propaganda 20080921 human beings are free SUNDAY Evening Edition, Part I, RUSSIA & IRAN Standing Against U.S. Hegemony

Daily Headlines & Propaganda from HumanBeingsAreFree
Sunday, 21 September 2008 (see All News)
Evening Edition, Part I, Russia & Iran Standing Against U.S. Hegemony

Russia Deploys Warships To Hedge Against Threats Made by the USA and Israel

10 Russian warships deployed in Syria
Excerpt(s): Ten Russian warships have been deployed at the Syrian port of Tartus based on an accord reached by the two sides after the August south Caucases conflict... Rear Admiral Andrei Baranov, head of the Russian Black Sea Fleet's operations directorate, said Friday the Russian engineering crew was at Tartus to expand the capacity of the harbor to host additional fleet vessels... On Sept. 12, nearly one month after the south Caucases conflict broke out, Russia and Syria reached an agreement that would provide Moscow with a long-term base rights at Syrian ports. Military sources reported that Israeli military leaders were stunned at the news of the Russian fleet being deployed near Israeli shores.
Read full article:

Israel Shocked: 10 Russian Warships Appear at Syrian Port at Tartus
Excerpt(s): Russia and Syria inked their deal on September 12, 2008 in Moscow. Syria invaded northern Lebanon and took positions outside of Tripoli. Ten Russian warships showed up in Tartus on September 18 (yesterday). The intent on Russia's part appears to be to dredge the harbor and to explore the use of an additional port at Latakia for even larger warships. Syria's intentions are obvious--they want Lebanon's porous defenses tightened up in advance of any threat against Iran posed by Israel and the United States. The Russian warships are in place to deter Israel, and Dick Cheney, from attacking anyone in the Middle East both now and in the future.
Read full article:

Standing Strongly Against US Efforts To Usurp Their Sovereignty

Iran denied overflight over airspace to Indian Air Force jets
Excerpt(s): Iran did not permit a squadron of Indian warplanes to fly over its airspace to take part in a military exercise in the US, sources say. The Indian Air Force (IAF) had asked Iran to permit its eight Sukhois, two IL-78 aerial refueling tankers and an IL-76 heavy-lift aircraft, along with 91 officers and 156 pilots to fly over its territory to join the Red Flag exercise, which was held at the Nellis air base in Nevada in July... The IAF “initial routing plan through Iran'' went completely haywire after Tehran refused permission to its aircraft to overfly its territory just a few days before they were scheduled to take off from Pune and other airbases on July 7, the Indian sources said. “Iran made it very clear that if you are flying to the US, you cannot fly over our country. This sent the IAF team scrambling to chart out an alternate route and arrange more visas for the entire team,'' said a source..."
Read full article:

Israel: Writing on wall for war on Iran
Excerpt(s): The top Israeli general Moshe Yaalon claimed on Sunday that Israel is threatened by Iran in the same manner the world was once threatened by Adolf Hitler. "Today, we in the West are facing the same situation, the lack of decisiveness towards a threat that is no less severe than that which Hitler posed in 1939," Yaalon told Israeli army radio. Israel considers Iran the prime existential threat to its security after alleged statements by the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that 'Israel should be wiped off the map'. Iran has repeatedly stated that President Ahmadinejad's remarks were grossly mistranslated and taken out of context. In a July press conference after a D8 summit in Kuala Lumpur, President Ahmadinejad said 'Iran has no plans to attack Israel', adding that 'the illegal regime would disintegrate on its own'.
Read full article:


Russia to equip Iran with 'game changer'?
Excerpt(s): Russia plans to equip Iran with advanced antiaircraft defense systems amid reports that Israel will soon acquire advanced smart bombs. Russian arms exporter Rosoboronexport has disclosed that despite US opposition, Moscow intends to empower Iran by supplying the country additional air defense systems. Tel Aviv and its ally, the United States, have threatened to launch air strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities under the pretext that Tehran, a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), has plans to develop nuclear weapons. This is while the UN nuclear watchdog in its latest report on Iran announced that it could not find any 'components of a nuclear weapon' or 'related nuclear physics studies' in Iran... Iranian military officials have also warned that Iran would not hesitate in taking the necessary measures to protect its sovereignty - including the closure of the Strait of Hormuz - in case the country comes under attack.
Read full article: