16 September 2008

America: The Movie I Never Saw

America: The Movie I Never Saw
Commentary by a free human being

Propagandized to distraction. I grew up thinking the world is fucked and America was just the lesser of so many chaotic horrible nations across the world. I spent most of my life trying to overcome Christianity and pseudo-psychology, rather than paying attention to the inept propaganda which hoped to lead this nation’s people to jingoism.

There isn’t mind control occurring in American propaganda, there is only lack of thought in conversation. Philosophy was and still is a beacon and the only way I found to leave the ridiculous culture surrounding me.

Perhaps the coup d'tat occurred in ’63, but I wasn’t around then. The horrible assault on people in Vietnam, and the poor youth drafted to murder those people. The counter-revolt from the citizens of this country melted away into images of drugs, music and a presidential resignation. Civil rights for pigmentation, genitalia, and sexual preferences added to disco dances, criminal pardons, hostage crises and Afghanistan. When I became conscious, narcissism, plagues and walls crumbling about in the world led to greed being good and riots beings inevitable. Computers, fundraisers and financial crimes were elected and re-elected until what is a sexual relationship was more important than what is a genocide.

Now in a secret government of false flags and fake elections, fake news, fake sorrow, fake thinking, I find myself thinking alone, in a Fake country about the very real human beings that are being murdered for secret reasons. How absurd.

America was a movie I heard about but I never saw.

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