11 September 2008

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Thursday, 11 September 2008 see All News
Evening Edition, World-wide News and Commentary

WAR and warmongering (Stop U.S. IMPERIALISM now!! -- this is INSANE)
Russian strategic bombers in Venezuela for 'training': Chavez (AFP.google.com)
France won't extradite former Georgian defence minister (RussiaToday.com - Moscow, Russia)
US Says Russia Violating Cease-Fire in Georgia (VOAnews.com)
Saakashvili urged to step down (PrisonPlanet.com)
Russia - Poland talks focus on missile shield wrangle (RussiaToday.com - Moscow, Russia)
Putin warns West against starting arms race (Reuters.com - USA)
Russia to keep rearming itself - Medvedev (Itar-Tass.com - Moscow, Russia)
Putin says no plans to make S.Ossetia part of Russia (Rian.ru - Moscow, Russia)
Iraq to US: We have no problem with Iran (PressTV.ir - Tehran, Iran)
Expert: Al Qaeda is in league with U.S. against Iran (RussiaToday.com - Moscow, Russia)
Iran slams murder of Lebanese politician (PressTV.ir - Tehran, Iran)
New nuclear sanctions on Iran (BBC.co.uk)
Pak army warns US to keep troops out (PressTV.ir - Tehran, Iran)
Saudi coup against King Abdullah fails (Eldib.wordpress.com)
Bolivia: a Coup in the Making? (InformationClearinghouse.info - Southern California, USA)

The TRUTH Revolution shall PREVAIL!

Documentary: U.S. intelligence behind 9/11 (RussiaToday.com - Moscow, Russia)
White House Claims Bin Laden Was Not The ‘Mastermind’ of Sept. 11 (InformationClearinghouse.info - Southern California, USA) <-- White House tries to non-chalantly change their propaganda line (once again)
The Red White and Blue Roots of Terrorism (InformationClearinghouse.info - Southern California, USA)
Rolling Back The "Unipolar" World (InformationClearinghouse.info - Southern California, USA)
Kucinich: impeach Bush now! (PressTV.ir - Tehran, Iran)
A Murderous Theatre of the Absurd (InformationClearinghouse.info - Southern California, USA)

VIDEO George Galloway talking about war with Iran:

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