02 September 2008

NEWS Daily Headlines & Propaganda 20080902 human beings are free TUESDAY Night Owl Edition

Daily Headlines & Propaganda from HumanBeingsAreFree
Tuesday, 2 September 2008
Night Owl Edition (see All News)

USA / IRAN war and warmongering updates
'US to Strike Iran in Coming Weeks' (InformationClearinghouse.info - Southern California, USA)
Bolivia cements Iran ties amid US dismay (PressTV.ir - Tehran, Iran)

PA compensation to terror victims enforceable, court says (YnetNews.com - Tel Aviv, Israel)

USA / EU / RUSSIA war and warmongering updates
Danger grows of NATO-Russian clash in Black Sea (InformationClearinghouse.info - Southern California, USA)
Will a Russo-American Nuclear War Happen (Soon)? (InformationClearinghouse.info - Southern California, USA)
South Ossetians cry 'genocide' (PressTV.ir - Tehran, Iran)
West, US to help Georgia in fight for unification - Saakashvili (Itar-Tass.com - Moscow, Russia)
Lavrov tells West to lose Saakashvili (IrishTimes.com - Dublin, Ireland)
UK urges EU to suspend Russia talks (FT.com - London, UK)
EU will delay Russian partnership talks (RussiaToday.com - Moscow, Russia)
Lack of Lisbon Treaty hinders EU response to Russian action (IrishTimes.com - Dublin, Ireland)

For Your Reference
Documentary about Lisbon Treaty Available Here

Wake up free human beings of the united states of America! The US government must be forced to serve its citizenry, not the opposite. You are their master. Demand in any way you can that the US cease all hostilities against the people of the rest the world. Do not allow WW III to begin while you sleep. Now is a time for TRUTH and action.

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