03 September 2008

VIDEO Cop Flees When Protesters Defend Each Other From His Criminal Behavior - THANK YOU MAN IN BLACK JACKET - Martial Law Will Not Stand in America!

In this video a criminal police officer, probably "just acting on orders," is assaulting a protestor--literally dragging the man through the street by his shirt. Thankfully the people around stop taking pictures and start to help, and the cop quickly runs away (after spraying a chemical agent aimlessly at the surrounding crowd). I think this is exactly the sort of behavior this nation could use more of--it is a brave man in the black jacket who tackled the police officer to stop his violent assault on his fellow human being. I, for one, take heart in his bravery.

We will not be bullied. We will stand up for ourselves, and for each other, as they continue to try to bring martial law down upon us. Criminal elements in our government are desperately trying to prevent ACTION on the part of peaceful, free human beings, through the systematic intimidation of the population at large, and by intimidating the good people within the government into becoming agents of their politics of fear. They're trying to scare us with their mace, their prisons, their detention camps, their torture, and yes, their guns; but WE WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED. Thank you, man in black jacket, I won't forget your decisive and brave action.

Republican National Convention: Cop flees when protesters defend each other from his criminal behavior (a.k.a. "RNC: Cop Attacked"):

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