15 September 2008

Weathered the Storm in Louisville, Kentucky! HumanBeingsAreFree Is Back Online.

Well dear readers, we are back online. Here in Louisville, Kentucky the news stations told us that more than three-quarters of LG&E (Louisville Gas & Electric) customers were without electricity due to yesterday's wind storm. Our day went something like this: Listened to some of Daniel N. Robinson's (excellent but elitist) philosophy lecture tapes on ye ol' battery powered Walk-Man, cooked our lunch in the fireplace, then nailed a few strips of siding back on the house, it was actually QUITE a lovely day... Oh, and one note about LG&E, it is not really Louisville Gas & Electric anymore, it's now German mega-company E.ON, they just call it LG&E to keep Louisville residents happy. Around here we like to pretend that globalization isn't happening by getting irate when company's change their names (but of course don't protest the actual takeovers). In Louisville's case, when the changeover happened, E.ON started sending out notices to their new customers on there own letterhead and customers just didn't respond, so they switched their letterhead back to LG&E, and the takeover progressed smoothly. Good times!

More Than 1M Without Power in Ohio Valley From Ike:

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