09 September 2008

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Daily Headlines & Propaganda from HumanBeingsAreFree
Tuesday, 9 September 2008 see All News
Evening Edition, Global News & Perspectives

Questioning Saakashvili / Georgia
Saakashvili lied once again – Russian FM (RussiaToday.com - Moscow, Russia)
Washington Post: "Georgians question Saakashvili's actions" (RussiaToday.com - Moscow, Russia)

North Korea
Kim Jong Il: dead, alive or using a body double? (RussiaToday.com - Moscow, Russia)

Dying in Iraq
Troop cuts don't mean Iraq war is being won (UPI.com)
US forces kill son of Iraqi governor (ChinaDaily.com - Shanghai, China)

The Biggest Nationalization of Private Business in World History, A Perspective from China
US bailout 'positive' move for markets - analysts (ChinaDaily.com)

Other Bank News
Washington Mutual removes CEO Kerry Killinger (AP.google.com)

More on Truth vs. Disinformation
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Calls for Impeachment: "We Need to Remind People that You Cannot Trample the Bill of Rights" (MarkCrispinMiller.blogspot.com)
America, Inc.: Land of Corporate Reign (ConspracyArchive.com)
Comprehensive Class Explains Military Culture to Non-Military Booz Allen Staff (BoozAllen.com)
Zinn: US 'In Need of Rebellion' (CommonDreams.org - Portland, Maine, USA)
Darfur Deception (CommonDreams.org - Portland, Maine, USA)
Trickle-Down Preemption: Baghdad on the Mississippi (CommonDreams.org - Portland, Maine, USA)
Mistakes, Lies, and Lying in the Media (GhanaWeb.com - Amsterdam, Netherlands and Ghana)
Media Disinformation: BBC distorts the News from the Georgia Region (GlobalResearch.ca - Toronto, Quebec)

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