28 September 2008

STOP THE BAILOUT! A good video synopsis. / ALSO VIDEO, Want to know more about what's going on? MISES.ORG Reader

Description from Google Video: Is it coming? If it happens, it will be because of what Congress DOES, not what it does NOT. WARNING: Buried in the draft revisions on The Banking Committee's web site is an obscure change to another law that allows The Fed to set bank reserves to ZERO! If this is done it gives banks infinite leverage and WILL ultimately result in the failure of our banking system.

are responsible for the credit lockup."



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The Bailout Reader

Daily Article by | Posted on 9/26/2008

The events taking place in the financial market offer an illustration of the soundness of the Austrian theory of money, banking, and credit cycles, and Mises.org is your source not only for analysis of these events but also the economic theory that helps explain what is happening and what to do about it. There are many thousands of articles available, and also the full text of thousands of books as well as journal articles. It is impossible to draw attention to the full range of literature one can use to understand the crisis.

However, below we offer a brief look into the topics most discussed in these times, with extended treatments of each in the sidebar. Mises.org also offers both a blog and a community forum for reading and discussing them all.

It's never been more important to spread a sound view of money and banking, not only as a protection against the fallacies of "stabilization" and "reflation" but also as way to see what kind of reforms are essential now.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

The Housing Bubble

Inflationary Finance

Community Reinvestment Act

Short Selling

The Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle

Who Predicted This?

What To Do

Books to Distribute

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