14 September 2008

NEWS Daily Headlines & Propaganda 20080914 human beings are free SUNDAY Early Bird Edition, Slaughter and Lies

Daily Headlines & Propaganda from HumanBeingsAreFree
Sunday, 14 September 2008 see All News
Early Bird Edition, Slaughter and Lies

Protesters claim 'Cuban five' imprisonment illegal

Moving to the Center of Elite Consensus

Tomgram: Slaughter, Lies, and Video in Afghanistan

Special note to news readers: We here at HumanBeingsAreFree find it absurd and deceptive when the headlines of news stories about mass murder highlight when "children," or "women and children" (or those otherwise labeled "innocents") are the victims. Men are murdered as well, and to highlight the deaths of women and children over the deaths of men is a attempt to manipulate the sympathy of the spectator of any catastrophic event. This is not only an irresponsible and familiar of means of exploitation used by the corporate media, but one that has become an acceptable way of reporting in the realm of the alternative media as well. We find this ridiculous and lamentable. Human beings deserve more respect than that and we here at HumanBeingsAreFree will always be sensitive to that fact.

Don Hewitt and Jeff Fager, executive producers of 60 Minutes who will not shrink from lies and deceit to manipulate the American people to Israel’s agenda

Pakistan Air Force sends fighter jets to tribal region

China criticises US raids inside Pakistan

Tribesmen say they are with army, warn US

Cheney Scales New Heights of Hypocrisy

Barr’s campaign manager praises President Bush for his ‘incredible leadership’ on 9/11

Note to readers: The above article clearly shows why Barr is out, Out, OUT! I am glad he exposed himself before he gained even more influence; Bob Barr, we are no longer fooled by your false campaign for liberty. I am, I hope, one of the last people to ever contribute to meaningless political in-fighting, but calling Barr out on this is something I have held out on for quite awhile, and now he has made his opinion absolutely clear. Barr supports the Bush camp in its climb towards tyranny and totalitarianism. I actually made excuses for him when he reneged on his agreement with Ron Paul this last week, saying we who are fighting for liberty should not fight among ourselves about relatively petty matters. But this is not petty in-fighting; this is a tragic deception exposed. Bob Barr is clearly NOT for liberty, and he is NOT against war. Barr is out... Out... OUT!

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