07 September 2008

NEWS Daily Headlines & Propaganda 20080907 human beings are free SUNDAY Evening Edition, Boycott the US-led Regime Against Humanity.

A statement from HumanBeingsAreFree news research team:
Why I've been focusing on national alignments in the news headlines... It is NOT to create fear, but rather to show those whom we should PROTEST, i.e. those who support the Regime Against Humanity, the imperialist "warriors" that have taken over the US government.

I suggest any foreign government that supports the people in power in the United States government now supports a regime which is against humanity. Until we Americans are able to completely reform this government of ours, any other government that agrees with the criminal policies of our government--sustaining its criminal will over the people--colludes with criminals against the people. The people of the united states of America must not support this collusion by investing in or touring through those nations, insofar as such action inevitably supports the governments of those nations. The American people must protest the governments around the world that support our oppression, which as we all know in turn supports the oppression and killing of many peoples around the world. We must change this government now.

I furthermore suggest that this principal applies to individuals and non-nationally-aligned groups of persons as well, and includes entities both inside and outside the US. Individuals and groups of numerous kinds including many corporations, which collude with the people in power in the US government, likewise support a regime which is against humanity, and should also be boycotted and protested against fully and immediately.

The American people must know that the criminal elements in our government and their partners present the gravest threat to humanity in the known history of the world. No nation on earth is even contemplating attacking the home soil of the USA. All nations are justifiably fearful of what the American people have allowed to take place in their government. Fear of invasion, subjugation, fleecing and destruction has and will continue to create international alignments in response to the very real threat that the United States government has made manifest to all.

How can any nation or any person, trust the one country (the US) that has had the best opportunity in the past 50 years to create a better way of life for their people and through example, a hope for all those whom awaken everyday in a state of oppression around the world? But instead the government, media/corporations and the bankers of this country have created modern fascism. The criminal elements of the American government, and all those colluding with them, clearly can not be trusted. Again, we must change this government.

A postscript regarding Pakistan: What is going on in Pakistan is a confusing tragedy. I cannot recommend enough the work that Information Clearinghouse has done to disclose some of the recent history of Pakistan. I'll try to start posting more news from Pakistan as I begin to get a feel for it.

Human beings in the world must unite in our freedom, and stop investing ourselves and our work into those who support our oppression and kill and oppress others. Americans, we are at the heart of it--let us change our government NOW.

Daily Headlines & Propaganda from HumanBeingsAreFree
Sunday, 7 September 2008 see All News
Evening Edition, Boycott the US-led Regime Against Humanity

Russia does not want "bad relations" with U.S. - Russian FM Lavrov (Rian.ru - Moscow, Russia)
Bhutto widower Zardari wins Pakistan presidential poll (IrishTimes.com - Dublin, Ireland)
Turning Away From American State Terrorism (InformationClearinghouse.info - Southern California, USA)
RNC 8 Charged as Terrorists Under State Patriot Act (InformationClearinghouse.info - Southern California, USA)
Cheney Says Russia Runs Risk Confrontation With NATO (Bloomberg.com - New York, USA)
Brazil considers Iran's OPEC invitation (PressTV.ir - Tehran, Iran)
US: We must interfere in Bolivian affairs (PressTV.ir - Tehran, Iran)
Iran, China keen to bolster ties (PressTV.ir - Tehran, Iran)
The Bush Regime’s Imperial Affirmation: Endless War, Endless Conquest, Endless Repression (Eldib.wordpress.com)
Caracas, Moscow plan naval drills (PressTV.ir - Tehran, Iran)
Iran, Latin America ending US dominance (PressTV.ir - Tehran, Iran)
Polish leftists call for referendum on U.S. missile base (Rian.ru - Moscow, Russia)
Key 9/11 Witness ‘Suicided’ ? (Eldib.wordpress.com)
Kissinger: Nuclear Iran to change world (PressTV.ir - Tehran, Iran)
Iran favors OPEC oil output cut (PressTV.ir - Tehran, Iran)
US should explain spying on Iraq's PM (PressTV.ir - Tehran, Iran)

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