01 September 2008

DOCUMENTARY End of Nations - EU Takeover & the Lisbon Treaty - Ireland, one of the last "free" nations in the Union... Well made and very informative.

This documentary film provides an inside look at European Union (EU), both in its legislative and bureaucratic functioning. Inside in the sense that it was created by an Irish citizen, or rather by the group We Are Change Ireland; and also inside in the sense that it contains a great variety of footage of interviews with, and speeches by, EU bureaucrats, and of other relevant meetings both in and outside the official structure of the EU. This is especially relevant information for those have a keen eye turned towards developments in the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) among the USA, Canda and Mexico, whose proponents appear to ultimately be seeking the formation of a North American Union (NAU) very similar in structure to the EU. (The SPP already has "ministers"--check into it!)

In the filmmakers' words: "We set out to make a video about the pros and cons of the Lisbon Treaty and found out to our horror the lies, manipulations and deceit behind the EU. From MEPs, legal experts and EU researches the true nature of the EU unfolded, how it really operates from behind closed doors and away from prying eyes. We discovered the massive power grab away from citizens and nations to the elites that is being proposed in this treaty. Most shocking of all was how our elected representatives are willingly handing us over to this emerging Totalitarian Superstate by deception , propaganda and outright lies. This video details how the structures of the EU really operate, what the full significance of the Lisbon Treaty is and how it is the end of Nations within in the EU. MEPs describe their experience in Brussels and how they are undermined by the real power of the unelected and unaccountable Eurocrats who run the organization. How the politicians are working together for their own selfish needs while being used for a bigger agenda. Tags: Lisbon Treaty, Reform Treaty, EU, NAU, New World Order, Referendum, UN."

End of Nations - EU Takeover & the Lisbon Treaty (~82 min.):
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If you're looking for a shorter video, I heartily recommend watching this short segment (just the last 6 minutes of the film) which contains, Nigel Farage's great and rousing speech regarding the Lisbon Treaty and the rights of the free peoples of Europe to maintain the sovereignty of their nations. According to Wikipedia, "Nigel Paul Farage (born 3 April 1964 in Farnborough) is a British politician, and leader of the eurosceptic United Kingdom Independence Party. He is also a member of the European Parliament for South East England."

EU Takeover & The Lisbon Treaty - Part 13 of 13 (~6 min.):

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