08 September 2008

NEWS Daily Headlines & Propaganda 20080908 human beings are free MONDAY Late Afternoon Edition, War Propaganda: Pakistan, Iraq, Russia, the Caucasus

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Monday, 8 September 2008 see All News
Late Afternoon Edition Edition, War Propaganda: Pakistan, Iraq, Russia, the Caucasus

PAKISTAN War and Warmongering
Christian Terrorism: US missile strike attack kills 20 civilians in Pakistan (Daily.pk - Pakistan)
U.S. drones kill 16 in missile attack in Pakistan (Reuters.com - USA)
Pakistan threatens to retaliate against US (PressTV.ir - Tehran, Iran)

IRAQ War and Warmongering
16 US troops commit suicide in Iraq (PressTV.ir - Tehran, Iran)

RUSSIA and the CAUCASUS War and Warmongering
Russia says to send nuclear warship to Caribbean (Reuters.com - USA)
White House Set to Put Aside U.S.-Russia Nuclear Agreement (WashingtonPost.com - Washington, DC, USA)
Lukashenko says Minsk, Moscow should respond to U.S. challenge (Rian.ru - Moscow, Russia)
Czech president blames Georgia for military conflict in Caucasus (Itar-Tass.com - Moscow, Russia)
CSTO chiefs distinctly condemn Georgian aggression (Itar-Tass.com - Moscow, Russia)

Hypocrisy of this Magnitude has to be Respected. (InformationClearinghouse.info - Southern California, USA)
9/11 Accomplices vie for US Presidency (GlobalResearch.ca - Toronto, Quebec)
Why We're Planning To Prosecute Cheney And Bush (GlobalResearch.ca - Toronto, Quebec)
US Election Campaign: National Security and Permanent Wars. Vying to Be Toughest (GlobalResearch.ca - Toronto, Quebec)
We Will All Witness the Consequences... And Then We Will Die (KnowTheLies.com)

Imminent Collapse of the DOLLAR
The $64 Trillion Question: What's the Dollar Really Worth? (SeekingAlpha.com - USA)

Bush Extends 9/11 National Emergency Yet Again (GlobalResearch.ca - Toronto, Quebec)
Republican VP Choice Sarah Palin Tried to Ban Books (InformationLiberation.com)
Illegal To Keep Rain Water In USA [benevolent government does not prosecute] (InformationLiberation.com)
Globalists Henry Kissinger & Richard Haass Confronted on Terrorism and Global Depopulation Policies (InfoWars.com)

VIDEO We Are Change Colorado: CFR Kissinger Haas confrontation (~9 min.):

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