01 September 2008

VIDEOS Protesting Outside The Futile 2-Party System. Alex Jones' megaphone cuts through Chris Matthews. Campaign For Liberty @ the Federal Reserve.

2 very different kinds of protests, and 2 very different kinds of protesters... and I think both are vital components of today's fight for liberty because of their differences, not in spite of them. Since every free human being possesses and drives his own actions, each of us therefore have different ways of Being In Protest, as is beautifully displayed here by Alex Jones and Ron Paul. In the first of the following two videos, you'll see Alex Jones' megaphone cutting through the airwaves of major media while Chris Matthews (attempts) to cover the politics of the futile 2-party system during the Democratic National Convention (DNC). In the second video, you'll see advocates of Ron Paul's Campaign For Liberty targeting their protest on the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, during the Republican National Convention (RNC).

Chris Matthews gets interrupted by Alex Jones protesters @DNC:

Ron Paul Walks to the Federal Reserve in Minneapolis:

Thank you Alex Jones! Thank you Ron Paul! BTW, Ron Paul has been on Jones' radio show numerous time recently, you should definitely check that repartee out.

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