19 August 2008

Alt/news Daily Headlines & Propaganda 20080814-18 human beings are free THURSDAY through MONDAY Part V Ron Paul & Dennis Kucinich

Thank You, Again, Representatives for the People! Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich

We did it! Kucinich video (7 Aug 08)

"Rally for the Republic" Event in MN Threatens Republican and Democratic National Conventions (5 Aug 08)
...Jeffersonian liberalism is back in a big way! Do not confuse this with modern American “liberalism”, which is authoritarian socialism. The Jeffersonian brand is one of recognition of absolute natural rights inherit from birth. While the elites have managed to confuse Americans into believing that natural rights include the right to wealth reassignment, being spied on, and politically educating abroad by force, the limitless freedom of the internet is breaking the back of the tyrants. Youtube videos and alternative media blogs are reaching critical mass with evidence, once again, of the failures of these institutions. The renaming of old concepts to make them feel modern, such as referring to “taking over the world” as “inevitable globalism” work less and less by the day.

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