29 August 2008

EDITORIAL, scathing. Debt Threatens The Entire System (28 Aug 08): Jackass & Dumbo conventions, Russia recognizes breakaway states, Pardons 4 traitors

Debt Threatens The Entire System: Russia recognizes breakaway states, US election Race now officially under way, new agendas promised, the Rationale of Caligula revisited, A hundred more American banks set to fail next year, Pardons for traitors

Posted: 28 Aug 2008
Full Article at: The International Forecaster

Excerpts: Russian President Dmitry Medvedev announced Tuesday that his country will grant diplomatic recognition to the separatist regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, thereby treating them as states that are independent from the Republic of Georgia, a former province of the Soviet Union that the US and Israel have made into a puppet state to rattle Russia's cage and to have a presence near a key oil pipeline that supplies black gold from the Caspian Sea area to Israel, to Europe and to South Asia via Eilat, Israel and the Red Sea. The White House immediately denounced these actions as "irrational." Apparently, the White House felt that the former Soviet Union lacked a proper rationale for its recognition of these separatist states. You know, like the rationale Caligula used to justify the recognition of Kosovo as a state independent of Serbia, namely, to set up an illicit European drug distribution center manned by vicious drug-running Muslim thugs for purposes of transporting the tons of opium being extracted from the bumper crop of poppies being grown under the watchful eye of CIA black ops in Afghanistan...

Well, the Jackass and Dumbo conventions to elect candidates for the US Presidency are now underway. We are forced to watch and listen to them a few minutes at a time to keep from getting nauseated by the inane tripe and pathological lies that are being fed to the screaming, sycophant idiots known as the Sheople of the United States of America. It is at times like these that we are ashamed to be called US citizens. The whole system has been rigged for over a century. Both Jackass and Dumbo candidates are picked by the elitists and then stuffed down the throats of the sheople. And now they even own the voting machines, so they can make sure they get the results they would prefer, although a win by either candidate moves their one-world agenda forward as their crucial issues are split between the two party platforms. And this year we have two Manchurian candidates, either of whom will take our country into chaos and fascism in very short order. The sheople will have the unspeakable privilege of electing their own executioner...

Full Article at: The International Forecaster

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