04 August 2008

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The rise of the Final US Depression
U.S. Economy: Prices Erode Buying Power, Tax Rebates (Bloomberg.com)
The ominous sound of jingle mail: The death of the American suburbs (TheIndependent.co.uk)
Danny Schechter - ‘Da Nile:’ Many Tuning Out the Economic Squeeze: Why Are So Many Progressives in Denial About the Crisis? (CommonDreams.org)

Legislative and Judicial Tyranny
Congress Takes Another Potshot at Family Farmers (CommonDreams.org)
Restraining Orders Out of Control (TheNewAmerican.com)

No War On Iran
Iran threatens to shut Gulf shipping lanes (Telegraph.co.uk)

* This post was created after-the-fact on 5 August 2008, but I backdated the post to match the date of publication of the above links. Unless specifically noted, post date-time stamps in this blog are not altered, and reflect the accurate time of publication.

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