24 August 2008

Barack Obama and Joe Biden - Stances on Middle Eastern / Persian region issues - They will not stop the war machine - NO Obama! NO McCain!

Barack Obama and Joe Biden will not stop the war machine.
NO Obama! NO McCain!

Obama backs Bush on Georgia (PressTV - 23 Aug 08 - Persia) ... Barack Obama has staged a rare show of unity with President George W. Bush by endorsing his approach to the Georgia-Russian conflict. "The situation with Russia and Georgia is very serious. This is the first time that Russia has moved into somebody's territory since the collapse of the Soviet Union," Obama told an evening rally here in southern Virginia. "It indicates a new stage in the relationship between Russia and the West. We've got to be firm with the Russians, in alliance with our European allies, that this kind of behavior is intolerable," the Illinois senator said. While opposing the US president on just about every point of domestic and international policy, Obama said, "I'm supportive of what George Bush has been doing." In a recent interview with Press TV, Reagan era US Treasury undersecretary Paul Craig Roberts said that neo-cons are in control of US foreign policy and regardless of who the next president of United States is, foreign policy will be led by the neo-cons ideologies. Roberts also said that Georgia was forced by the US and its neo-con component to attack S. Ossetia. The latest remark by Democratic presidential hopeful, Barack Obama indicates that the neo-con forged foreign policy will likely still be in place for years to come even if the Democrats take the White House. - PressTV.ir

Obama blames Iraq for lack of 'progress' (PressTV.ir - 20 Aug 08 - Persia) ... “We have lost over a thousand American lives and spent hundreds of billions of dollars since the surge began, but Iraq's leaders still haven't made hard compromises or substantial investments in rebuilding their country,” Barack Obama said. “And while we pay a heavy price in Iraq - and Americans pay record prices at the pump - Iraq's government is sitting on a $79 billion dollar budget surplus from windfall oil profits,” he said. Far from the withdrawal of troops from Iraq that Obama appeared to support during his campaign for the Democratic nomination, his latest speech appeared to support "responsible redeployment" to secure economic and geopolitical interests. - PressTV.ir

Sen. Joe Biden on Israel and the Iraq war “I am a Zionist” (Shalom TV):
... US Senator Joseph Biden, Democratic Party candidate for vice president, "speaks with Shalom TV CEO Mark S. Golub on Israel and Jewish-related issues in this exclusive interview."

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