31 August 2008

VIDEO Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Dentention/Concentration Camps? STAY TUNED IN... More important info to come. Watch. Share. Be Aware.

This compilation video, just posted on Disclose TV, contains just about all the footage I've seen online labeled as "FEMA camps," and contains what I see as a pretty level-headed analysis. I can't speak to exactly what each of these videos means, or what exactly the pictures are of, but generally speaking, the pictures seem to speak for themselves. Furthermore (let us not live in a state of denial), it is totally plausible that such detention centers, concentrations camps, are already built and perhaps running in the United States. We know about the international jails and torture rings, Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, and so forth..., and we know about our exponentially increasing prison population in the USA (as is covered in this video also). Plus, it isn't as if they haven't told us their basic agenda, even if they haven't shared some of the details... Watch. Share. Be Aware.

More important information about the FEMA Camps! (~11 min.):

Thanks Disclose TV!

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