24 August 2008

US government's agenda is full spectrum dominance. VIDEO Pepe Escobar: Welcome to the new Cold War (www.theREALnews.com)

In this 10-minute video report Pepe Escobar of The Real News Network (www.theREALnews.com) lays it all out on the table and tells the truth about the violence being perpetrated in Georgia since 7 August, and how it relates to the US government's increasingly obvious ambition seeking full spectrum dominance over Eurasian lands and peoples. Highly recommended.

Pepe Escobar: Welcome to the new Cold War (theREALnews.com - 21 Aug 2008):

Wake up free human beings of the united states of America! The US government must be forced to serve its citizenry, not the opposite. You are their master. Demand in any way you can that the US cease all hostilities against the people of the rest the world. Do not allow WW III to begin while you sleep. Now is a time for action.

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