03 August 2008

No War on Iran! No Bombs on Iran! No Terror on Iran!

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated once again that Iran will not give up "a single iota of its nuclear rights" according to the Associated Press release that came out just a little while ago. This is not really news, or at least it wouldn't be if not for the US's saber-rattling, or rather missle-rattling, at Iran, using threat of force in order to name so-called deadlines and ultimatums. President Ahmadinejad, from what I've seen, has held this view for quite awhile, and really hasn't been hiding it.

No War on Iran! No Bombs on Iran! No Terror on Iran!

It is nothing short of imperialism for the US to continue to bomb and make war on nations based upon corporate, political, and other super-wealthy "elite" interests. War and killing is the worst of humanity, and should only be the absolute very last resort of any government. And the random, intentionally terror-inducing shock and awe tactics of the US, even among all tactics of war ever known to man in our known history, is one of the most atrocious forms of war-making that has ever been conceived. I swear, sometimes it seems like this government is trying to wipe out as many people as it can directly with bombs, then leave the rest to starve to death due to lack of infrastructure. I don't use the word genocide here not because I do not think that the magnitude of that word applies, but rather because I do not see genuses dying, I see people dying. Individuals dying. Each and every one of them is a free human being that does not deserve to die from a bomb being dropped from above, or by troopers marching across its lands, from a foreign nation who simply should not be involved.

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