25 August 2008

NEWS Daily Headlines & Propaganda 20080825 human beings are free MONDAY The Signs of World War III

Hello reader, watcher, free being! Today I'm going to throw a bunch of headlines at you, and then we shall move on to some ACTION! Normally I'd link these up and give you some clips, but this week feels like a week of action, not just of learning (though the two must always be together hand in hand). Below are articles that I and my "research team" have reviewed over the past few days, and truly, one does NOT need to read every one of them in order to see that disaster approacheth. Afghanistan, Iraq, Georgia, Iran... this is one region, and most of it is ON FIRE, and the rest may very well be soon. And as I see it, these are the Signs of World War III. Wake up America! Human beings are free. It is clear that it is the US government that is the primary provocateur in these conflicts. Our "representatives" and "leaders" have become utterly militaristic, and this in a land that had no standing army for over 100 years. Demand an end to all US aggression. Stop the wars. Stop the militarization. After this for the week I will be focusing on the POSITIVE actions being taken by the citizenry of the united states of America, including, of course, those protesting at the Democratic National Convention. If you are paralyzed, knowing something is very wrong, but not being sure what to do, you are certainly not alone. I'm in shock too. But there's no time to wait. Let us all figure out what to do alone, and then together. Let us all BE FREELY...

The topic of future History, the start of WW III (I really hope I prove myself wrong...)

News Headlines from the last couple of days (if I have a second later I'll throw you these links, but they're pretty easy to find by search):
Russian Tsar Hydrogen Nuclear Bomb Test Explosion
The Mindlessness is Total, Are You Ready for Nuclear war?
Russia may hit USA very hard below the belt
Russian Lawmakers Vote to Recognize Breakaway Georgia Regions
Germans to protest against US warheads
US accuses Russia of breaching deal
Aid deliveries 'cover' for NATO build up
Ahmadinejad, Medvedev set to meet
Nuclear Chicken in Poland: Putin Can't Afford to Back Down
US accuses Russia of breaching deal
Russian General Says Georgia May Commit False Flag Terror Attacks
NATO using aid as 'cover' for Black Sea build-up: Russia
U.S. navy arrives in Georgia
Turkey insists US did not seek authorization
Ukraine has to move towards NATO - Yushchenko
NATO confirms Georgia will join Alliance
Majority of Germans against Georgia’s joining NATO
S Ossetian leader leaves for Moscow with independence appeal
Georgia prepares large-scale provocation – RF military intelligence
US Democracy applied at full in Georgia, riot police, tear gas, water cannons, tv station closed
Rice: Military power is ‘not the way to deal in the 21st century.’
Can Tbilisi neighbours remain good friends?
Georgia was tricked, but by Russia or US?
Georgia 'will join NATO': Merkel
Georgia enters settlement of Mosabruni – DM
Tense stand-off in disputed Georgia village
South Ossetia to form new government
US and Israel will soon be isolated from the rest of the world
Terrorist NATO: Winning hearts and minds through massacres
Afghanistan: Hamid Karzai accuses America over civilian deaths
BBC presenter Lyse Doucet: Media fail to convey 'humanity of the Taliban'
Iran warns US over Caucasus crisis
68 Die When Flight Headed to Iran Crashes
Iran kicks off production of locally built sub
Iran simulates US Army weaknesses
Turkish-Iranian energy ties - Iran simulates US Army weaknesses
US to build large airport near Iran
US believes it can 'do no wrong'
Iraq: At least 11 killed in another bloody day of US occupation
Suicide Bomber Kills 25 Near Baghdad
Do the U.S. and Iraqi government care about Iraqi children?
U.S.-led forces kill 76 Afghan civilians: ministry
French government, media scramble to contain opposition to Afghan deployment
Karzai Denounces US Airstrike That Killed Civilians
Iran will hit back if Israel attacks: Hezbollah
Russian embrace of Syria tightens, but for what purpose?
Russia: Iran N-plant operational in '08: Moscow against any new anti-Iran resolution: envoy
Israeli candidate for prime minister Shaul Mofaz would end "peace" process

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