22 August 2008

FIREWALL - In Defense of Nation State (video) - The Lyndon LaRouche School of Economics - How the Germans Were Crushed AFTER WWI

I'm relatively new to "LaRouchean" economics, but I can say affirmatively that at least one topic in this documentary is presented just about as well as I can imagine it being presented (in about the first 30 or so minutes), great CGI illustrations and all... We've all heard that the Germans were crushed with reparations and other sanctions after World World I, but this documentary illustrates in detail just how crushing those burdens were, and how they may have affected the course of world history, and how they certainly ruined the lives of innumerable residents of Germany. Some of the rest is either out of my league, too new to me, or perhaps it might just not make sense as I suspect. But in any event, the first half hour is Right On.

FIREWALL - In Defense of Nation State

FYI: Lyndon LaRouche's main political vehicle (I believe) is: LaRouche Political Action Committee. If you found the above video interesting, I'm sure you can find lots more there about what he and his "young followers" are up to.

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