31 August 2008

COMEDY IN THE NWO 164 Minutes of Bill Hicks - Last Interview and Best Standup Acts - One of the Only Men Who's Made Me Laugh In The Past Year

The "research team" here came across a link to this video on InformationLiberation.com, where it's labeled, "Bill Hicks' Last Appearance - CapZeyeZ Interview 1993," and I presume it actually is Bill Hicks' last interview. CapZeyeZ is the name of the public access show he appears on. It reminded me again of him, this great comedian, and I was inspired to repost the other videos I have of his on the site into one collection with 164 minutes of all Bill Hicks including this interview. This is the first time I've seen him talking about his ideas without the comedic context. Very interesting. But if you haven't heard of him before, I do recommend you first watch or listen to (below) one of his full-length stand-up routines before the interview--as such you will hear him in his full glory, on stage, as he should be heard. (He's one of the only men who's made me laugh in the past year, and he's been dead since '94. Click his image at right for biography on Wikipedia.) Here's the incredibly funny, and incredibly truth-telling... BILL HICKS!.

Bill Hicks - A "MUST WATCH" Interview - 80 min
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One reservation, I don't know that Hick's would be touting Chomsky these days, and I couldn't put it better than dave on InformationLiberation: "Although many of the principles of deception once seen are strikingly obvious, when not seen they are strikingly effective. In this video I think he mentions Noam Chomsky, someone who I first thought presented as a breath of fresh air, I heard someone thinking and telling the truth... Noam Chomsky discusses the role of the media as selling the minds of the people to their sponsors. This is misleading in terms of the true hierarchy and agenda. If one considers BP and Shell who are illegally stealing Iraq at the moment, these present as businesses, two seemingly large corporations and perhaps even competitors. Both of these companies are owned and controlled through the crown as is the media. In view of the ownership, infiltration and control of corporations it is more honest to present these organisations as fronts, they are not independent entities at all. The core agenda is political, money is just an ephemeral device for that agenda... Noam Chomsky himself works for institutions pursuing overthrow of the United States, United Kingdom, indeed the whole of the world." Comments posted on google: "I have to give Bill Hicks full credit for waking me up to how the world really works, and this, his last interview includes the footage which proves the Branch Davidians were murdered at Waco, a Bradley tank with a flame thrower attached. This interview was shown on Austin Public Access and has been on Google before, only to be pulled for some spurious reason. If Bill's friend Kevin Booth is still selling this video then please support his good work (along with Alex Jones) exposing the New World Order, but the information Bill puts across in this interview is too important for humanity to be perceived as having "intellectual copyright". Bill hardly swears in this interview so there's no reason for it to be removed for obscenity reasons, if it gets pulled again then it's the evilarchy, not his friends, followers or disciples requesting it's removal. Please watch, learn and WAKE UP - There IS a war on for our minds... R.I.P. Bill, you're my messiah, Vernon was a false prophet!"

Bill Hicks - Revelations (1993) - 56 min
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Bill Hicks is one of the only people who has made me laugh in the last year. Outstanding. If you've never heard of him, don't leave earth without having listened to at least one of his acts. A real truth-teller, and REALLY funny. Comments posted on google: "Hicks' follow-up show to Relentless, recorded at the Dominion Theatre in London."

Bill Hicks' Legendary One Night Stand, 1990 - 28 min
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More Bill Hicks. You can't miss with either one of these videos. Comments posted on google: "This is some of the best Hicks I've seen. The best 30 minute show we will probably ever see. Jam-packed with Hicks' golden insight and containing some of the best comic delivery to date, this is not to be missed by anyone. If you are offended by him then you miss his points on a grand level, and it is at your loss. Enjoy RIP Bill, the Dream lives on..."

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