11 August 2008

Live Black Angels unnamed song "Fighting in Iraq." End the War on Iraq! Freedom and Life for the Iraqi People!

If you have the album Directions To See A Ghost by the Black Angels (which I highly recommend supporting, one way or the other), be sure you let it play through the very end to the song presumably named or called "Fighting in Iraq." It shouldn't be a classic, only because there should be more songs like it. End the war on Iraq. Stop the murder of the Iraqis in the name of Americans. These murders are being perpetrated in the name of corporate interests and increased political power among the very few. The war is not a war for the people of Iraq; it is a war against them. Withdraw all US troops from Iraq...NOW.

A few quotes from the song:
"Yesterday I got a letter from my friend fighting in Iraq..."
"Fighting in the Iraq War? What For?"
"Oh, your son is dead."
"Somebody, please STOP THAT WAR!"

And a live video performance:

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