26 August 2008

VIDEO "No words can describe..." Be warned. Be ready. Martial and CORPORATE law is being used (right now!) in the USA...

Guns being beaten out of old ladies' hands, the poor forced from their homes while the rich hire mercenary protectors... This is what happened after a natural disaster, but we've also seen it in Seattle, we've seen it in Miami, we've seen it many other places, and we're seeing it in Denver today. It is going to get worse, but we will be ready. This a must-watch video, SHARE IT! Know what to expect. Let's all wake up! Free human beings must take the world back. Let us not be afraid, let us not accept martial law, let us not accept killing. Let's change the world now. Let's speak the truth, ALL THE TIME, now. Once human beings know the truth and speak the truth, we will know what to do and EACH OF US WILL DO IT. Watch this video, and please, SHARE IT, today!

Thanks! legalizeliberty on Daily Paul for sharing this video.

Please, share this video TODAY!
VIDEO: Martial and Corporate (BLACKWATER!) Law as employed in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina:

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