10 August 2008

Abkhazia enters the mix. Feels like tail wagging the dog from here. Human beings of the world--we must stop these wars--our leaders will not.

This may be my last entry/update on this topic for awhile, though I just heard of this conflict just a few short days ago. From this side of the world, at least, I'm really beginning to feel like there's a tail wagging a dog. The US media seems pretty interested in it (when they can stop ranting about a certain extra-marital affair and celebrity), meanwhile stories about Iran, and much more significantly Afghanistan, Iraq, and all the other nations that the US are periodically bombing are side stories at best. The no doubt will-be-fraudulent presidential election instead constantly takes center stage. Or in this case, the US begins to condemn other nations for starting illegal, aggressive wars--and, that's just a sick joke. I think what I had to say in the blog earlier about covers it if you care to click here. Without the support of the people, the imperialists of the world are impotent. There is little point in obsessing about the day-to-day news, no matter how important each news worthy event may be; it is almost entirely propaganda anyway, no matter the source. It is a huge trend, an overwhelming force that the people of the world must fight, now, to become free and to stay free in the face of the biggest military-media-government-corporate-industrial complexes this world has ever known. You know what is going on, don't you? Do something now!

In the mean time, here's a couple more news stories:
Abkhazian Forces Push out Georgian Troops (Novinite.com)
Russian clout prevails in S. Ossetia: Georgian President Saakashvili called for international mediation over the breakaway region in a conflict some see as East vs. Wes (CSMonitor.com)
Russia: Again Savior of Peace and Life (Pravda.ru from 9/8/2008)

And a map (I needed it, really feels like Wag The Dog doesn't it?) from Colorado.edu:

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