18 May 2009


Heroic Resistance of 75 Year old Iraqi
HEYET in its statement said: “The duty to fight against the invaders is national, legal and humane responsibility.


Turkish president should stand trial- court/NTV
As president, Gul enjoys immunity.
'It is the rule in the Turkish Republic's constitution and laws that everyone should stand trial,' the court said in its ruling.
Gul's office was not immediately available for comment.


US bill links military aid to A Q Khan
If adopted, it will place Pakistan in a very uncomfortable position. To qualify for US military assistance, Pakistan will have to produce Dr. A.Q. Khan before American interrogators. Islamabad will also have to pledge to monitor all future activities of the nuclear scientist who is seen as a hero at home but as a villain in the West.


Record bombs dropped in Afghanistan in April
Air Force, Navy and other coalition warplanes dropped a record number of bombs in Afghanistan during April, Air Forces Central figures show.
In the past month, warplanes released 438 bombs, the most ever.
April also marked the fourth consecutive month that the number of bombs dropped rose.


Time to stop US barbarism in Middle East and Afghanistan
According to Muriel Kane, "Lieutenant-General Stanley McChrystal will be taking over command of US forces in Afghanistan, pending Senate approval." McChrystal headed the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) that previously reported to Dick Cheney, with no congressional oversight.
Kane notes: "Famed investigative reporter Seymour Hersh recently described the JSOC as an "executive assassination wing" controlled for many years by the office of former Vice-President Dick Cheney."
Jeremy Scahill says: "Pentagon officials are spinning another cover-up," following the bombing that killed up to 130 people in Afghanistan. He also reports: "...as many as 2,000 [Afghans] poured into the streets of the provincial capital, chanting ‘Death to America’.”
Disgustingly, the Pentagon attempted to blame the Taliban for the murders, saying that they had done the killing with grenades.


Arab world has no problem with Iran: Amr Moussa
“We do not regard Iran as the main issue. Actually, the Arab world does not have any problem with Iran… The main problem and major threat to the region and Arabs is Israel’s nuclear activity,” he said during a meeting on the Middle East peace process in Shuneh, Jordan.


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