29 May 2009


Gunmen attack Ahmadinejad election campaign centre
Updated at: 2145 PST, Friday, May 29, 2009
TEHRAN: Gunmen attacked President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's election campaign centre in the southeastern Iranian city of Zahedan on Friday, wounding three people including a child, the official IRNA news agency said.


Iran mosque blast bears 'US, Israel thumbprints'
“The bomb tragedy that occurred yesterday in the city of Zahedan is awash with Israeli and US fingerprints,” said Tehran's Interim Friday Prayers Leader, Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami.
“Without a doubt, it was a scheme to drive a wedge between the Shia population and the Sunni minority in Iran,” he added.


Calls for war crimes inquiry over 20,000 civilian deaths in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka faced new calls for a war crimes inquiry today after an investigation by The Times revealed that more than 20,000 civilians were killed – mostly by the army – in the latter stages of the war against the Tamil Tigers.
“This is an exaggerated story. Whoever has put up this report has been paid by the LTTE,” he told The Times.
“There can’t be any civilians killed by government forces in that area. How can the UN know about this? It had no people on the ground.” The UN, however, described its figures as “well-informed estimates”, adding that it did not have “precise, verifiable numbers” because of a lack of access to the conflict zone and the camps holding refugees from the area.


Manipulation: How Financial Markets Really Work
In other words, let foxes guard the henhouse to keep inventing new ways to extract gains (a "free lunch") in increasingly larger amounts - "in the interest of helping to contain systemic risk factors and promote greater stability."
Or as Orwell might have said: instability is stability, creating systemic risk is containing it, sloping playing fields are level ones, extracting the greatest profit is sharing it, and what benefits the few helps everyone.
Michel Chossudovsky explains that: "triggering market collapse(s) can be a very profitable undertaking.


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