27 May 2009

More ON FREEDOM (part 3.1): The Beauty Of A Changing Mind, or How To Resist Slavery

More ON FREEDOM (part 3.1): The Beauty Of A Changing Mind, or How To Resist Slavery
A response to: ON FREEDOM (part 3) by Relament, posted 6 May 2009

I ask an Other: "Do you believe in abortion?"; "Do you believe in God?"; "Are you a republican or a democrat?" … or maybe even, “Do you love me?” Relament points out, I think keenly, to the reinforcement of illusions through the language of acceptance. When we ask someone “Do you believe in x?”—what exactly is it that we are asking? Are we asking what they think, in that very moment, about whatever is the subject matter of that question; or are we rather inquiring into what may be called the essence of what that person is/thinks? Do we accept that what they tell us in that moment, in fact, can only be of and at that moment? Or do we often record that data for future reference, which we will refer to when we want to hold them in that position? Do we celebrate when someone changes their mind, or do we condemn them for it?

Many of us, raised to create worlds of pre-defined roles and beliefs and actions and attitudes, are rudely-but-beautifully awakened when our perspective finally embraces that the world (because it is created/contains Free Beings) is not form (or essence or soul), but Change. The world is Fluid. It is Dynamic. It is Responsive. It is CREATED. By us! It is NOT rigidly categorizable… divisible… nor is it predictable (because of those damn pesky free beings, including me!).

I’m totally just mooching off of Relament’s positions now… but I shall scream alongside: “Hesitation… Illusion… Embarrassment… Be Gone!” If the alternative is (falsely-apparently) Secure Slavery, I’ll err on the side of Fanatic Freedom.

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