19 May 2009


I live in a world where worship and slavery has been in a struggle with freedom and responsibility for the moral conscious of free beings for centuries. The avoidance of freedom and responsibility has been a tragic banality, with ever more elaborate fictions continuously introduced. The individual is supposed to adapt and belong. Verily, the theories provided to the new minds of this world are made to oppress. Self-consciousness is triggered through inadequacy and embarrassment. Trying something new has become declaring something to be, subject to hypocrisy and ridicule. Free beings just trying anything without approval and acceptance, is deluded and dangerous. What do genetic codes, evolutionary theories, and gods have to do with freedom? What does race, nationality, and mankind have to do with free beings? It is all very clever determinations for those wanting to be slaves, and those wanting to be obeyed and worshiped. From the tenured professor at a university, to an emperor of a continent, free beings have been participating in mutual oppression of the moral conscious for quite a long time.

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