10 May 2009


Was Nuremberg a temporary convenience?
Paul J. Balles calls on the Obama administration to bring to justice the sadistic, supremacist psychopaths who seemed to take delight in torturing their illegally-held prisoners at Guantanamo and those who authorized them to practise their depravity. Marjorie Cohn writes: “The memos justify 10 techniques, including banging heads into walls 30 times in a row, repeated facial and abdominal slapping, dietary manipulation, and dousing with cold water as low as 41 degrees.” She adds: They allow shackling in a standing position for 180 hours, sleep deprivation for 11 days, confinement of people in small dark boxes with insects for hours and waterboarding to create the perception they are drowning. Moreover, the memos permit many of these techniques to be used in combination for a 30-day period. They find that none of these techniques constitutes torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.


What good is America? The dead can’t give an opinion
There’s a good question: “What does the USA contribute to the world?” Let’s leave aside the US delusion that it brings democracy and freedom to a benighted world. Americans like doing one thing and they do it a lot: they like creating dead foreigners and travel all over the world to do it.


Obama Uses The Israeli Defense – “Human Shields”
I’m not sure, but I don’t think even BushCo stooped this low. I suppose we now see even more of Zionist Rahm’s influence on Obama. An Israeli code of ethics in war and truth is emerging from the Obama White House. “A joint U.S.-Afghan investigation confirmed that an unspecified number of civilians died in a southern Afghan battle, but the initial findings released Saturday appeared to blame Taliban militants who used locals as “human shields.”


‘I’m here to understand what you mean by Taliban’
In Pakistan, I’m here to understand what they mean by this term. When we say we must fight the Taliban or must defeat them, what does it mean? I’m here to understand what you mean when you say Taliban. Do you mean a militant? Do you mean an ideology? Exactly what is it that is being fought? That needs to be clarified.


Afghans see signs U.S. military used white phosphorus
Allegations that white phosphorus or another chemical may have been used threatens to deepen the controversy over what Afghan officials say could be the worst case of civilian deaths since the 2001 U.S. invasion that ousted the Taliban regime. The incident in Farah drew the condemnation of Karzai who called for an end to airstrikes.


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