04 May 2009


UN asks Taliban to elect Afghan President
"Call it reconciliation, or the peace process, whatever you want, but I believe that the opposition should know that those who want to take part in the election and respect the constitution should have an option to do that," Eide said, according to the British weekly the Observer.

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Taliban call U.S. olive branch a 'lunatic idea'

'Witness for Jesus' in Afghanistan
In one recorded sermon, Lieutenant-Colonel Gary Hensley, the chief of the US military chaplains in Afghanistan, is seen telling soldiers that as followers of Jesus Christ, they all have a responsibility "to be witnesses for him".
"The special forces guys - they hunt men basically. We do the same things as Christians, we hunt people for Jesus. We do, we hunt them down," he says.
"Get the hound of heaven after them, so we get them into the kingdom. That's what we do, that's our business."

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Evangelism and World Domination
"Since Christians are right and everyone else is wrong, Christians are mandated to expand their cult to try to include everyone in the world. They want Christian controlled governments to enforce their Christian way of life on the masses and have the authority to punish the non-believers. The idea of personal rights and liberties is contrary to surrendering your life and free will to Jesus and doing "his work" as dictated by the church. After all, if you're not serving Christ, you're serving Satan, and you are the tool of the Devil and serving an evil purpose. So the idea of personal liberty and free thinking is the same as giving rights to Satan to be evil. Something God would never approve of, but seems powerless to stop. The omnipotent creator seems to have to rely on us mere mortals to do his work for him, and we, according to Christianity, have that task of winning souls over to Christ. So it's ok to repress the heathen non-believers because we heathens are the enemy of God. Obviously, Satan is working through me right now making me write this, and you're being influenced by Satan in reading it. Pray that you don't believe a word I say!"

Christianity Sucks:
A Frank Discussion on Dealing with Christians

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