17 May 2009


In imperialist 'surge,' Washington pushes Pakistan into war
The reason Pakistan’s government had opted for negotiations, and not open confrontation was the difficulty of winning a sustained battle in the tribal area. The rugged terrain in the mountainous area with few roads makes the conditions unfavorable for Pakistan’s military. Additionally, while the fighters in the tribal region are highly motivated, the motivation of Pakistan’s military forces is suspect.


Make Internet safe for everyone: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
“The theme of this year’s observance is "Protecting Children in Cyberspace”. Children and young people are among the most prolific users of the Internet and mobile devices. As they surf through cyberspace seeking information and entertainment and building social networks, they are also among the most vulnerable to exploitation. Without safeguards, their precious lives are at grave risk in the vicious world of cybercriminals and paedophiles that prey on easy targets.


Hezbollah capable of ruling Lebanon if wins election
A tight race is expected between the opposition led by Hezbollah and the Western-backed majority, who Nasrallah accused of being behind the country's sectarian problems.
“We Hezbollah have always rejected the division of Lebanon and we shall always maintain this,” he said.


Leftists, nationalists confront each other in downtown Kiev
The first all-Ukraine social-nationalist congress is scheduled to be held there on Saturday.
The Communist Party blamed the revival of neo-fascism on the president “whose regime from its very first day has been seeking to rehabilitate and impose fascism”.


Two Emirates companies to pump gas to Nabucco from N.Iraq
The Western-backed Nabucco pipeline aims to lessen Europe's dependence on Russian gas and is opposed by Moscow. Until now, the $10 billion pipeline project had plenty of willing buyers in Europe but little gas to sell.


Swat is just the start: Zardari
Pakistani army claims to have killed more than 750 militants over the past two weeks, a report from Amnesty International claimed that 700,000 people remain trapped in Swat. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, 987,000 displaced people registered in the last two weeks, on top of 500,000 who fled fighting last summer.
“We need to develop our capability and we need much more support,” said Zardari. “We need much, much more than the $1 billion [military aid] we’ve been getting, which is nothing. We’ve got 150,000 troops in [the tribal areas] - just the movement of that number would cost $1 billion.”


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