09 May 2009


Exodus from NW Pakistan
ISTANBUL - Pakistan warplanes continued to pound Taliban hideouts in the troubled Swat Valley Friday where the government sent fresh troops with orders to "eliminate" extremists as hundreds of thousands fled in terror and other trapped residents appealed for a pause in the fighting so they could escape.


U.S. drone fires missiles into Pakistan
"At least four missiles were fired near Sarorogha village but we have no reports where they struck or if there are any casualties," said an intelligence official in the region on the Afghan border.


Civilians hit as Pakistan army battles Taliban
MINGORA, Pakistan (AP) -- Doctors rushed to treat an influx of wounded Pakistani civilians Saturday as thousands of troops backed by bomb-dropping warplanes sought to purge Taliban militants from a northwestern valley. A suspected U.S. missile strike killed nine people, mostly foreigners, in another militant stronghold near the Afghan border, officials said.


Pakistan: Now or Never?
Foreign Policy Journal quotes U.S. Congressman Ron Paul as criticising the Obama administration for continuing the drone missile attacks first started under President George W. Bush. “We are bombing a sovereign country,” it quotes him as saying. “Where do we get the authority to do that? Did the Pakistani government give us written permission? Did the Congress give us written permission to expand the war and start bombing in Pakistan?” he asked.


Afghanistan: NATO Should ‘Come Clean’ on White Phosphorus Release Report on Attack in Which Child Burned
"White phosphorus causes horrendous burns and should not be used in civilian areas," said Marc Garlasco, senior military analyst at Human Rights Watch. "NATO should immediately make public the results of its investigation into this incident."


UN probes Gaza crimes despite Israel fury
Israeli Gaza war crimes include the use of deadly white phosphorus shells in densely populated civilian areas. While Tel Aviv initially denied using the controversial weapon, mounting evidence later forced officials to admit having employed the shells.


Angry Iraqis demand death for brutal US soldier
MAHMUDIYA, Iraq: Relatives of an Iraqi girl who was raped and killed along with her family by a US soldier urged that he be given the death penalty on Friday. Private 1st Class Steven Green was convicted in a Kentucky court on Thursday of raping Abeer Qassim Hamza al-Janabi, 14,and killing her and her family in Mahmudiya, 30 km south of Baghdad, in 2006. He faces a possible death sentence.


Imran asks Brown to rein in British ‘terrorists’
In an open letter sent to Mr. Brown on Thursday, which was also sent to the Tehran Times, Imran Khan wrote: “I want to urgently bring to your attention the activities of a British citizen, Mr. Altaf Hussain who was granted this status after he fled from Pakistan as a fugitive from justice. At the time of his arrival in London, he was facing 234 registered criminal cases against him, including 44 murder charges and 18 torture charges.


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