26 May 2009

ON FREEDOM(part10)

The 'State', does not exist. I read about the existential threat to the state. Loyalty oaths to the state. Mandatory service to the state. There is no reason to allow the existence of the state in any serious discussion. Free beings lie a lot, that happens, and people forget things, but even if I decide to play a game for a few hours, I am quite aware that I don't have to play the game. I am free to stop acting, wishing, and hoping. I can leave the fake world of illusions, which only occurs when I choose it to occur. I am not speaking of vibrations, frequencies, or other solipsistic notions. This is not red pills or blue pills or rabbit-holes, it's not a case of dual worlds. It's chosen illusions. Peer-pressure, traditions, culture, and history are choices not determinations. I can say that a neurologist, a psychiatrist, a priest, a profiler, an expert in DNA analysis, and my Mother determines what my character can do or not do if I want to play a game. Freedom is not simple. Occam's razor doesn't apply to free beings. I choose when I want to stop playing because I am free. The only existential threats are to free beings. Loyalty oaths are threats, as are mandatory services. Threats to free beings.

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