23 May 2009


From crusades choosing which gods will be worshiped, to the latest athlete thanking one of their personal gods for choosing them to score a goal, free beings have said 'no, thank you' to freedom in favor of oppression, slavery, and ignorance. There are even those who create gods that they say represents freedom, with ritualized gratitude following therein. God, jesus, satan, the gift-givers of the imagination, brought into the world to help free beings forget about their freedom. The theists love and/or fear gods and obediently worship and praise their creations. The atheists are not happy with gods and rebel against the notion by even claiming in front of everyone that gods don't exist because god just wouldn't act that way if he did exist. The agnostics don't know if there are gods and don't decide on the matter because 'anything is possible'. All three positions drink at the same bar. Many free beings go into that bar for spirits and souls, but it is just a bar. After a few drinks all three positions can be quite dangerous to be around. Lying, hating, and clueless all intoxicated with their limits, their burdens, and their ignorance, disclose power and expose weakness in one another until they part. They sleep with angels and demons and fantastic possibilities awaiting at their door ready to tie another one on. There are as many reasons as there are circumstances in ones life for negating freedom to live at that bar. In liberating myself from gods the world did not welcome me with a celebration. The world closes and opens as always. There is no one and nothing to thank for realizing that I have always been free.

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