31 May 2009


Drones could face legal challenge in US
American human rights activists might legally challenge the US military’s use of Predator drones in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The spy planes are virtually invisible when flying overhead. “That’s the spooky thing about the Predator,” terrorism expert Neil Livingstone says. Human rights activists point out that there’s no warning to innocent civilians in the targeted area. “This is not only a violation of the international laws of war,” says Gabor Rona, of Human Rights First, a US-based group. “It’s bad policy.” The laws of war allow individuals engaged in hostilities to be targeted in an armed conflict but strictly prohibit actions against those not engaged.


65 years in jail for providing charity (to Palestinians that is)
This week five men from the holy land foundation were sentenced to prison terms [...] If you funnel money to the Israeli terrorist army, it is tax-deductible in the US. And if you funnel money to any Palestinian group, you serve time in jail....


Abbas's forces kill Hamas militant in raid
QALQILYA: A Hamas militant was killed and two Palestinian policemen were injured in exchanges of gunfire in the Israeli-occupied West Bank on Sunday, Palestinian security officials said.
The clashes erupted when security forces loyal to President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction, which administers the West Bank, raided a neighbourhood in the city of Qalqilya to arrest gunmen of the rival Hamas group, which rules the Gaza Strip.
The officials named the militant as Mohammad Yasin and said policemen were combing the area in a search for more gunmen. Witnesses said several Hamas gunmen holed up in buildings had ignored calls to surrender.


US, Israel fanning Indo-Pak tensions, says Qadhafi
‘The Pakistanis are told that their enemy is the Hindus, not the Jews or Christians, and therefore their bomb should be directed towards them, the Pakistanis’ immediate enemy, and not anyone else,’ writes Mr Qadhafi.
‘Similarly, the Indians are led to believe their real enemy is Pakistan and that the Pakistani bomb was directed towards them rather than the Israelis or Americans.’
The Libyan leader claims that this policy aims to preoccupy Pakistan with India and India with Pakistan. ‘Perhaps this is why America has not been willing to contribute to solving the Kashmiri problem, whereas the Israelis will try to keep it always flammable.’


Iran defuses bomb in plane
Iranian security officials defused a bomb planted on a domestic passenger plane, officials said on Sunday, the latest incident of violence ahead of next month's presidential election.
"Last night, 15 minutes after the plane with 131 passengers took off, flight security guards found a handmade bomb placed in the lavatory," Fars said. "The plane landed immediately at Ahvaz airport and the bomb was defused."
The incident occurred just two days after 25 people were killed in a powerful bomb attack on a mosque in Zahedan in southeastern Iran claimed by a shadowy Sunni rebel group.


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