25 May 2009


That Grenada invasion
... the initial justifications proved to be demonstrably false. The major justification... was the protection of 800 American students at the US-run St George's University. US officials falsely claimed that the island's only airport was closed, offering the students no escape. In reality, scores of people left the island on charter flights the day before the invasion; scheduled flights had ceased as a direct result of pressure by US officials. After limiting the ability of Americans to depart, the US then used their presence as an excuse to invade.


The Invasion of Haiti
This is a context that a lot of people don't understand when looking at what's going on over there. None of this could have happened without the complicity of the United States, without the facilitation by the United States, without the funding and support of the United States, and the icing on the cake is the fact that at the last minute, American military personnel, with weapons, enter the Presidential residence and tell the President - the democratically elected President of Haiti, elected with 92% of the vote, that he has to leave. Not that 'we're here to protect you because there's paramilitaries marching here coming to get you right now', but that 'the paramilitaries are on their way: they're going to kill you and your family. Your option is to stay here and die, or to leave with us on an airplane, to god knows where'. For Colin Powell and some of the other Administration Servants to sit there and say that this constitutes a voluntary departure or, not coercion....it defies belief.


USA Invasions, Bombings,
Military Aid, Political Interventions
and Sanctions

The USA frequently interferes in nations' elections. At the same time it is against the law to interfere in USA elections. The USA often insists on countries having United Nations inspections for weapons programs while denying access for its own extensive chemical, nuclear and biological armoury. The USA will use the international legal system when it suits but ignore its resolutions if they go against the USA. This behaviour is reported around the world leading to much anger and resentment at the USA. Little of this gets reported to the USA public however.
The USA has, by far, bombed more countries than any other nation. Sometimes the United Nations approves. If it does not, the USA will bomb anyway. Many countries are subject to unilateral economic sanctions by the USA. Cuba is a good example. The USA will not only impose sanctions but often cajoles and bullies other countries to follow it. Again, the United Nations is used if possible, and ignored if not.


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