27 May 2009

More ON FREEDOM (part 2.1): The Truth of Freedom; The Fallacy of Rights

More ON FREEDOM (part 2.1): The Truth of Freedom; The Fallacy of Rights
A response to: ON FREEDOM (part 2) by Relament, posted 7 May 2009

Forget standing up for your rights! BE free-ly! The ongoing debate over the "loss of freedom" in the US is a dangerous misnomer. Freedom IS, and cannot be taken away. RIGHTS, therefore, are not the same as freedom, as they can be taken away. Rights, in fact, do not even exist in the real, immediate sense that Freedom does. Are YOU not Freedom Incarnate? I shan't even acknowledge that it is possible for others to grant and withdraw permission for my actions... they can't have any of the freedom that I create. As some may try to maintain the illusion of destruction, I shall continue the creation of my free life.

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