16 May 2009


'I have a box. Only I can know of it's contents.' Is this the genesis of communication? This metaphor leads thinking into a cage. Possession, ownership, what is mine in this world. Generation after generation, seem to easily know what freedom is and discontinues any thoughts on the subject. Their high values wrapped around 'things'. Enchanted to the point of illusion. Possessing things become their sole inspiration to imagine. They begin to enjoy the cage, while immediately forgetting that they had built it. Free beings revere adapting. They create metaphysical constructs where 'freedom' becomes interchangeable with 'control'. 'I have a box, and I will use language to describe the contents', deforms language. Language becomes a game filled with secrets, lies, laws, possessions, and oppression. What can I do? What can I imagine?, becomes, What do I have? What can I get? How do I stop?

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