08 May 2009


Villagers list 147 dead in Afghan strike
KABUL (Reuters) - Residents of two villages hit earlier this week by U.S. air strikes have prepared lists with the names of 147 people killed in the attacks, the deputy governor of the province where the strikes took place said.


On regret
Hours after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton "apologized" for US airstrikes that may have killed as many as 130 people in Afghanistan, NBC News is reporting that the US military is preparing to blame the deaths of several Afghan families—that were reportedly killed in US bombing raids this week in Farah Province—on Taliban fighters.
Hillary Clinton has expressed "deep regret" that American jets bombed two villages in western Afghanistan
...of course, clinton and obama want to create more such occasions for regret given their desire to place more american troops on afghan soil,



China voices concern over growing US influence
Talking to reporters during a visit to the Islamabad Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the Chinese envoy said the ‘outside influence’ was growing in the region.
‘These are issues of serious concern for China,’ he said, adding that China was concerned over the US policies and the presence of a large number of foreign troops in the region.


Lavrov: Tehran-Moscow cooperation in conformity with regulations

According to the Minister, the issue of supply of weapons by Russia to Iran, in particular, air defense systems, was touched upon during his meeting with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that was held a few hours before the press briefing.



Report: U.S. denies Israeli access to F-35 computer system
According to the report, the Americans are concerned that by allowing Israel to independently repair the computers, the Israel Air Force (IAF) will get its hands on the classified technology used to make the plane.


Germany: Lieberman visit disappoints MPs
During talks with members of the German parliamentary foreign affairs committee on Thursday Lieberman also said the peace process had been little more than a waste of money.


Calls persist in U.S. for prosecution of "torture memo" authors
The authors -- Jay Bybee, now a federal judge; John Yoo, now a law professor; and Steven Bradbury, who has left the Justice Department -- defined "torture" as brutality causing organ failure and death.
Democrats countered that torture includes any type of pain or suffering inflicted to obtain intelligence or a confession. Many of them seek to punish the three attorneys for legally sanctioning practices that defy international norms on the treatment of prisoners.


British lawmakers' expense claims revealed
LONDON (AP) -- British Prime Minister Gordon Brown claimed thousands of pounds for a cleaner while other ministers claimed for gardeners, beds and television sets, a newspaper revealed Friday, a disclosure certain to fuel public outrage over lawmaker excess.


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