04 May 2009


Iran says its nuclear program should be treated like Japan’s
“Japan spent a considerable number of years to build confidence in the nuclear field and we are making a similar effort,” Manouchehr Mottaki said in a joint press conference with his Japanese counterpart Hirofumi Nakasone.
“During those years Japan was never asked to suspend or freeze its work.” He added all countries working in this field should be treated similar to Japan.


On Censorship.
Freedom House remarked in its report that the worst cases for Journalistic censorship in the Middle East are : Libya, Tunisia, Jordan, Iran...
Oddly enough and maybe it is not so odd, Iraq was not listed in the Freedom House report. There was a small paragraph saying that the situation in Iraq has improved in as far as Journalists are concerned - they don't murder them anymore.
I want to ask Freedom House how much Freedom is there under Occupation ?
Maybe Freedom House needs to read about what it's like to live under Occupation.
Occupation idiots !


President Obama Won't Rule Out Torture
"That's the responsibility I wake up with and it's the responsibility I go to sleep with. And so I will do whatever is required to keep the American people safe."


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