28 May 2009

ON FREEDOM(part11)

I lament this world, and relament what could have been had not layers of lies and illusion been sublimated, perpetuated, growing and swelling with each new birth and every new communicative device serving as instruments of propaganda and oppression. If I have a lot of money, or imagine that I have control over people because they do what I tell them to do, or I trace my historico-geneological thread back to some family of authority, blood of royalty, aliens from another planet or dimension, I am still a brand new, free being. The world has never seen me before now. I am independant of all expectations that could have been recorded. The many ways that I can conduct my behavior, or choose my actions in this world are too numerous to quantify. I exist now. I can think, be honest, comport the freedom that I am. Or I can merely calculate, lie, and act as though I am under the control of others. Elites, secret cabals, masters of the universe are old fictions that have been reinforced with new energy today and constitute for some a basis for reawakening. After years of dormancy, these illusions free beings entertain of gods on earth controlling the world, many accept. For some it is a true though, hidden fact newly discovered again. Stories of brainwashing, mind control, and computers that think, are all about creating wonder and fear of their power. Computers don't think, they calculate, they can not empathize, nor can they doubt. How can a mind be controlled? How can you accept that a mind can be defined? I at first thought brainwashing may have it's origins in christianity as in washing the sinful dirt from, but christians are concerned with a different organ. Descartes imagined for reason's sake, a chimera creating illusion after illusion, so that one may even question their own existence. He doubted such impossible illusions, and in his doubting he realized that no matter what illusions may be brought to bare he was not tricked into forgetting that he was not a slave to illusions. He would not accept illusions any longer from either his Jesuit pedagogues, nor ghosts of the imagination. Rene Descartes was free. Like you and I now.

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  1. The most unfortunate part of it all is that I think people acknowledge the brainwashing that has taken place in recent history, and yet some still play along, as if they have been rendered helpless. I am the only reason that I am alive today. It's not because some deity has put me here and willed me to live, or because the government has given me the right to live. The only people besides myself who deserve credit are my parents, who provided the biological means of my existence. The choices I make everyday are only mine. Human beings are not in the business of controlling one another; they are in the business of living or not. If you are not thinking, empathizing, and surviving, then what are you doing? The pathetic bubble in which human beings have become so gluttonously comfortable CAN go on forever. This world will go on with or without us, and when we are gone, hopefully some species with more perspicacity will do something right. But, if we, as human beings, will this charade to go on until our dooms day, then it has gone on forever; that is all human beings will ever know, and that will be our eternity.

    Games are for children, but life is for adults. American Idol, People magazine, Britney Spears, elections, Nintendo Wii, Miss USA, Harry Potter. I think those who are hopelessly devoted to keeping up with these falsehoods are too dumbed down to follow the philosophical thread that so few have drawn. Instead, I think it's time to put it in the simplest of terms: When are we going to grow up?